Our innovative mosquito positive displacement pipetting solutions combine the power of miniaturization and automation to reduce costs, improve productivity, and maximize research output. 

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High performance at a fraction of the cost

mosquito’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology enables you to perform ‘traditional’ liquid handling tasks at a fraction of the volume, and at higher speeds. The instrument uses positive displacement, disposable micropipettes to handle low volumes of liquid in plate to plate, or intra plate transfers using contact dispensing. Each of mosquito’s disposable micropipettes has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, for true positive displacement pipetting.


mosquito in the lab


"From a user experience, Mosquito LV is a reliable and robust machine. The precision and reproducibility delivered by the instruments is exceptional, a perfect fit for our single-cell protocols.

— Andres Gonzalez, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich


"The mosquito is wonderful, very easy to use once it is set up and calibrated correctly. I've been using it to dispense small volumes into 384 well plates - so happy not to do it by hand!"

— Hayley Bennett, Genentech

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"The Mosquito transferred our ability to set up protein crystallization screens. The work of a day can be done in minutes."

— David Egan, Core Life Analytics

Realize the benefits of the genomics revolution

As Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) costs have reduced, sample numbers have dramatically increased leading to a sample and library preparation bottleneck. Harnessing automation and miniaturization enables researchers to realize the full benefits of the genomics revolution. Our solutions dramatically improve productivity and reduce cost per sample for applications such as PCR, quantification and normalization, synthetic biology and a range of NGS library preparation methods supporting single cell genomics, transcriptomics, microbiome and metagenomics, agbio, clinical genomics and pathogen surveillance.

Gen3 new

mosquito Gen3

Introducing our most compact and accessible member of the mosquito family. mosquito Gen3 offers highly accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 µL, allowing genomics researchers to benefit from miniaturization across a range of applications, irrespective of liquid class. The instrument’s rapid plate-to-plate pipetting motion and tip exchange maximize speed and efficiency.

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mosquito HV genomics

For those looking for higher throughput and greater walkaway capacity, mosquito HV genomics delivers the same highly accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting but with two additional deck positions. Run full miniaturized workflows with less hands-on time, and have confidence handling even the most viscous and volatile liquids from 500 nL to 5 µL.

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mosquito LV genomics

If you're looking to work with even smaller volumes, then mosquito LV genomics is for you. This instrument delivers exceptionally accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting from 25 nL to 1.2 μL, enabling you to extend the reach of precious samples and reagents even further.

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Automate protein crystallization screening

Automated systems for protein crystallization screening are unlocking the potential of crystallography-based structural biology to allow rapid, reliable, and reproducible crystallization screen transfers.


mosquito Xtal3
Rapid and efficient protein crystal screening

mosquito Xtal3 combines speed, accuracy and performance in crystallization drop set up. The instrument enables researchers to use smaller volumes of precious protein samples without risk of contamination and automate popular protein crystallization screening techniques to accelerate research.

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mosquito LCP
Accurate, reproducible automation for liquid cubic phase (LCP) setups

mosquito LCP for membrane protein crystallization enables accurate, reproducible automation for liquid cubic phase (LCP) set-ups. The innovative positive displacement technology overcomes the common problems encountered with accurately dispensing the highly viscous LCP materials. Automated calibration of syringe and pipette positioning ensures precise drop-on-drop placement for easy automated imaging.

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mosquito LV crystal
Fast, accurate, and precise pipetting for protein crystallography

The mosquito crystal combines speed, accuracy, and high precision pipetting of nanolitre volumes with zero cross-contamination from a disposable tip. Volumes as low as 10 nL on multi-aspirate allow researchers to make the most of precious protein samples while benefiting from the adaptability to easily change methods.

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Streamline drug discovery with
miniaturized, automated workflows

mosquito systems help researchers to accelerate drug discovery and maximize research output by automating complex liquid handling tasks at low volumes. This reduces sample, reagent, and plastic waste, and increases assay robustness.


mosquito LV
Simplify low volume workflows in high throughput settings

mosquito LV simplifies assay miniaturization within automated, high throughput settings. The easy to use instrument enables researchers to benefit from the significant time and reagent savings of minimal dead volumes (under 0.3 μL) and maximize return on research investment.

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mosquito HV
Powerful and precise liquid handling performance

mosquito HV delivers powerful liquid handling performance, bridging the gap between nanolitres and microlitres. The instrument offers highly accurate and precise multichannel pipetting leading to significant savings on precious reagents and time. Its positive displacement technology offers exceptional accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class.

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mosquito X1
High speed, low volume hit picking

mosquito X1 offers precision low volume sampling of any individual well in any plate, using unique positive displacement pipetting technology. Its hit picking capability makes mosquito X1 perfectly suited for high throughput screening (HTS) hit confirmation and secondary profiling, as well as high throughput sample normalization and synthetic biology (DNA assembly).

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Expand the performance of your mosquito


Software that's intuitive by design

The liquid handling software that controls the mosquito family of instruments gives users an intuitive experience tailored to their application area.

Developed in collaboration with scientists, the latest mosquito software facilitates miniaturization in novel application areas. Packed with powerful features, the software includes an experiment designer and helpful wizards to create and manage your protocols.

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We have a range of accessories available for our mosquito range. Our accessories include a cooling block, humidity chamber, LCP mixer, and more. Each accessory is designed to expand the performance of your mosquito.

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Order your mosquito spools and other consumables using our online store.

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Kamilla video of mosquito HV genomics

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mosquito HV genomics - NGS library preparation workflow
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mosquito Xtal3 - Instrument overview
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mosquito lcp overview

7 mins

mosquito LCP - Instrument overview
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