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Effective sample management is critical to ensuring your laboratory runs as productively as possible. By ensuring the effective selection, collection, storage and retrieval of all samples, you can confidently focus on the science. 

Managing Your Samples Efficiently

One of the biggest challenges in sample management is maintaining the integrity of your samples and output data, which only scales as your operations grow. Proper handling and storage is vital to preventing contamination, degradation, or loss of the sample, which can all compromise the accuracy and reliability of your results.

Our automated solutions have been carefully designed with intuition in mind, so that you can stay organized in the lab while saving valuable time and resources. 


Rapid Access Storage 

As your operations grow, so does your compound library. With each experiment and protocol run by you and your team, samples that need to be maintained at -20°C are constantly exposed to ambient temperatures and moved around amongst the rest. How much time have you spent looking for the vial that wasn’t where you left it? That’s not an issue with comPOUND®. 

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comPOUND, cost efficiency

comPOUND is a state-of-the-art sample management system designed to streamline the storage, retrieval, and tracking of samples in drug discovery. With advanced robotics and intelligent software, comPOUND enables fully automated sample handling at -20°C. The modular design and scalable capacity allow for easy expansion to accommodate growing sample collections, making it an ideal solution for a variety of research and development settings. 

The comPOUND sample management instrument provides easy and secure access to any sample through its user-friendly vending machine style design, whilst maintaining sample integrity by removing any unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles. The robust automatic technology increases the efficiency and accuracy in compound management, saving researchers valuable time in the lab and leading to faster and more reliable results. 


Powerful cold storage in a smaller package

We understand that space and budget can be an especially limited commodity for a lot of laboratories. You may think this means that efficient and reliable -20°C storage and retrieval is beyond your reach. However, that’s exactly why we developed comPACT®.

comPACT, a more accessible solution

comPACT delivers proven robust SPT Labtech pneumatic technology in a smaller, more affordable design, so that even more labs can leverage the benefits of fully automated sample handling at -20°C. Its minimized footprint and modular structure offer flexibility and futureproofing, meaning you can start small now and expand later as your libraries and business needs grow.

With comPACT sample management, more labs than ever can say goodbye to the stress of manual sample searching. Its intuitive design delivers cherry-picked samples directly to you, preserving the quality of your samples and data, and optimizing your lab workflows. With its scalability and reliable performance, comPACT opens the doors to fully automated sample handling, enhancing research capabilities for labs of all sizes.

comPACT -20 sample management

Secure and Reliable Biostorage

 A key part of pharmaceutical research revolves around the testing and analysis of biological samples. Unlike other small molecule reagents and compounds, these require strict storage at -80°C to prevent any degradation that would negatively impact the quality of the sample. But, with an expanding library of precious biological samples, how can you keep every sample in an easy-to-find location without compromising security? The answer is arktic®. 



arktic, robust sample management automation

The arktic sample management system is a compact, high-density automated biostorage system providing robust management of precious samples. Its modular design and small laboratory footprint are built for scalability and deliver a flexible -80°C solution that makes efficient use of laboratory space. 

With our arktic sample management instrument, you can store and retrieve biological samples with ease. With its intuitive vending machine-style design, you no longer need to waste time searching for hard-to-find tubes and risking harmful sample thawing. arktic has been carefully designed to maintain strict -80°C conditions through innovative pneumatic technology-based tube transport, as well as a fail-safe back up cooling system, so you can be confident in the integrity of your samples and the validity of your results. 


Essential Day-to-day Sample Management

Running a laboratory is a complex operation. Hundreds or thousands of samples will be handled and processed every day, and this needs to be done with 100% accuracy and precision to ensure the quality of your output data. Enter automation. Innovative automated sample management systems are revolutionizing laboratory workflows, enabling scientists to function better and more efficiently than ever before. 

BioMicroLab, a user-friendly experience

The BioMicroLab range of reliable, versatile and user-friendly instruments provide you with all the tools you need to improve the efficiency of everyday laboratory operations. Whether you’re looking to automate single tasks such as weighing, labeling, barcode scanning or tube handling, or hoping to achieve complete end-to-end workflows, there is a BioMicroLab solution for you. 

Automating essential tube handling tasks such as labelling, scanning, capping and de-capping drives throughput in the laboratory, whilst giving you confidence in your sample tracking, processing and management by removing any risk of human error. The dedicated solutions for volume verification can be embedded into any stage of your workflow, enabling you to collect crucial sample data and metadata to substantiate your internal quality checks.  

BioMicroLab range for sample management

Seamless Information Network 

Due to the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of laboratory research and development, you can often find scientists transporting samples from instrument to instrument to get the comprehensive analysis they need. Wouldn’t that time be better spent on critical thinking and valuable tasks? That’s where lab2lab comes in, 


lab2lab, unique sample transport & instrument control

lab2lab is a unique sample transport and instrument control system, designed to seamlessly connect research labs and processes. Operated using innovative pneumatic technology, barcoded sample vials can be remotely sent for analysis at different locations, and the resulting data will be instantly available for evaluation. Choosing from dedicated components for different tasks, users can create a tailored lab2lab solution to suit their needs. 

The labl2lab sample management instrument delivers a complete overhaul of traditional laboratory operations, offering ultra-efficiency and convenience. Scientists are freed from menial tasks to focus solely on the science. By connecting to specialist analytic tools, high-quality data can be obtained remotely with the click of a mouse – no manual input required. 

At SPT Labtech, we offer powerful yet intuitive sample management solutions to simplify everyday laboratory process. Whatever your laboratory size, application, or specific challenges, our instruments have been designed to remove the stress and instill confidence in your operations. With our solutions, you can: 

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Track your samples accurately
  • Ensure the integrity of your data
  • Save valuable time and resources

Our easy-to-use sample management instruments are ideal for laboratories of all sizes and types, including research labs, clinical labs, and industrial labs. Whether you need to manage a small number of samples or thousands of samples, we have a solution that can meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our easy-to-use sample management solutions and how they can benefit your laboratory operations.
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Maximize lab efficiency with Mosaic

Experience unparalleled operational efficiency by integrating your SPT Labtech solutions with Titian’s Mosaic, the leading sample management software for life science labs globally. With this seamless integration, you can elevate your lab's capabilities by taking a comprehensive approach to sample lifecycle management. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Sample Traceability: Constantly monitor samples with Mosaic, automatically registering new samples and updating their status upon removal. Verify sample positions effortlessly against your Mosaic inventory. 
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail: Maintain an updated, complete record of sample activities, significantly reducing the workload of lab scientists. 
  • Streamlined Storage and Retrieval: Manage and order samples through a single interface, easily locating and retrieving samples from multiple automated stores. 
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency: Maximize the use of your storage capacity, automatically log sample changes, and prioritize critical samples. 

Thanks to our partnership with Titian, Mosaic is continually evolving to meet real-world customer needs and adapt to new storage types and software developments.