Robust collection, processing, storage, and tracking of biospecimens to assure the integrity of vital scientific research.


Secure and affordable tube-based biostorage

Biostorage facilities are handling an increasing volume of samples, and turning to automated, compact solutions that offer exceptional storage density, full sample tracking and rapid retrieval.


arktic provides a flexible, affordable and secure  -20°C or -80°C automated sample store to meet research demand for increasing volumes of biological samples. Its user-friendly, vending machine style design allows for efficient management and access to 2D barcoded samples, eliminating the need for inefficient manual searching. Using a unique arrangement for tube storage, arktic is more space efficient than other systems, allowing facilities to minimize overheads while assuring sample integrity throughout its life.

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arktic® XC

arktic XC is an innovative automated biobanking solution bringing together a network of compact arktic storage units into a single high integrity, affordable and scalable biostorage system. Different locations can be linked using novel and reliable pneumatic technology with direct benchtop access for highly optimized workflows. The modular approach offers facilities ultimate flexibility to increase capacity in line with demand and keep the cost per sample stable while advancing research goals.

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arktic ROI Calculator

Use this tool to compare the true costs of manual -80 sample storage with the SPT Labtech arktic automated sample store over a 10 year period.

This calculator compares a comprehensive range of cost factors to determine if switching to arktic from manual storage could be cost-effective.

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