Single Cell Genomics

Automation and miniaturization unlock the power of single-cell analysis and sequencing, driving throughput and cost efficiency. Discover how the combination of these technologies revolutionizes our understanding of complex biological systems and disease to accelerate research outcomes.

By probing the DNA and RNA of individual cells, single-cell methods facilitate a granular understanding of genetic variations, cellular functions, and the complex mechanisms that drive health and disease.

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Unraveling the complexity of biology one cell at a time

Whereas traditional sequencing analyzes genetic material from bulk tissue samples, single-cell sequencing probes the genome and transcriptome within just one cell. Through unraveling the complexity of biological systems, single-cell sequencing has proven to be a powerful tool in understanding cellular heterogeneity at an unprecedented resolution. The technique has revealed rare and unique cell types, advanced our understanding of cancer and provided insights into cell development and disease progression. As the technology evolves, single-cell analysis promises to transform personalized medicine through early diagnostic testing and gene therapy targeting. 

What are the limitations of single-cell genomics? 

The complexity of biological tissues demands the analysis of vast numbers of single cells, ranging from several hundred to over one hundred thousand, to gain a comprehensive understanding of tissue composition and delve into sub-population biology and cell-cell interactions. When done manually, this is a huge amount of work that is both time and labor-intensive. Achieving high-quality sequencing libraries demands precise liquid handling at small volumes, introducing the risk of errors and sample loss. Moreover, the sheer scale of this work incurs significant costs, not only in sequencing but also in library generation. 


Driving throughput and efficiency through automation 

Our automated liquid handling solutions drive speed and efficiency in library generation, reducing the time required for high-quality library generation to as little as two hours. By relieving scientists of the substantial burden of manual pipetting, valuable time is freed up for more valuable tasks. Automation enables running protocols in 96 or 384-well formats simultaneously, significantly improving throughput in library generation. This accelerates data generation and scalability without imposing significant resource costs. 

Accelerating discoveries with miniaturization 

Miniaturization has emerged as a hero technique in single-cell genomics. The ability to generate high-quality libraries at a fraction of the volume makes single-cell techniques a more financially viable option for laboratories. Our dedicated miniaturization liquid handler, mosquito®, delivers accurate and precise pipetting down to 25 nL, enabling researchers to reach their throughput potential and drive discoveries at an accelerated pace. 

Value in versatility 

Given the dynamic nature of the field, new single-cell methods and library preparation kits are constantly emerging. As such, there is a pressing need for adaptable equipment that can accommodate these new chemistries. By utilizing positive displacement technology, our solutions handle accurately handle even the most viscous and challenging liquids at very low volumes. This versatility ensures compatibility across various kits and reagents, maintaining flexibility in experimental approaches. 



Enhancing single-cell workflows with SPT Labtech liquid handling

Our suite of automated liquid handling solutions - mosquito, firefly and dragonfly - enhance library preparation for single-cell sequencing experiments with their speed, accuracy and reliability. 


Innovative all-in-one liquid handling brings together multiple technologies within a single compact design for more efficient library and sample preparation. Underpinned by powerful, intuitive software, firefly unlocks the potential of automation for all to accelerate single-cell research.

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dragonfly® discovery

dragonfly discovery delivers fast and reliable non-contact dispensing for all liquid types thanks to its positive displacement technology. Highly accurate low volume dispensing and ultra-low dead volumes allow researchers to minimize reagent costs, save time and standardize protocols.

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mosquito® genomics

mosquito's ability to handle nanoliter volumes with precision using true positive displacement technology drives down the high costs of single-cell workflows. Harnessing the power of miniaturization enables researchers to drastically improve productivity and reduce cost per sample.

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Key Resources

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Automating Scale Biosciences’ Single Cell RNA Kit on firefly

The easy-to-use, plate-based technology of the ScaleBio Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit, coupled with firefly’s efficient and sustainable platform, provides an automated workflow that supports scientists in scaling up single-cell studies.

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Automating Single-Cell Sequencing Workflows to Generate Cell Atlases

In this webinar, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub San Francisco researchers share their successful automation of high-throughput plate- and droplet-based scRNA-seq workflows using our  firefly liquid handling platform.

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Combination of scRNA-seq strategies to untangle complex cell populations

Dr. Emilio Yángüez López-Cano from the Functional Genomics Center Zurich discusses the single cell sequencing strategies deployed at his core facility, explaining how they select and combine different approaches to adapt to the requirements of each project and the complexity of the samples.

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Miniaturization Technologies for Efficient Single-Cell Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

Researchers from University of California use mosquito to scale down reaction volumes for library preparation, to enable efficient and cost-effective high-throughput single-cell transcriptome sequencing.

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