Powerful techniques from whole genome sequencing to rapidly emerging applications in areas such as spatial genomics yield rich scientific data to drive new discoveries. Laboratories are streamlining their workflows and processes to fully harness the potential of these advances.

Maximize research output in molecular biology and genomics.

An undertaking to reduce costs, or increase throughput in genomics research, has led to a demand for automation and volume miniaturization solutions to optimize sample preparation and boost research output.


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Preparation

Miniaturizing your NGS library preparation workflows dramatically reduces sample and reagent costs while enhancing the value of your data output. A wide range of kits can be miniaturized in only a few microlitres total volume has been demonstrated.

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Laboratory Developed Tests

Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) are in integral tool in modern healthcare. They fulfill critical needs where existing commercial tests are not available, such as an emergency pandemic response, to further understanding into rare diseases, and to aid the development of more effective personalized cancer therapies.

Automating fundamental liquid handling tasks within LDTs boosts precision and throughput, ensuring consistently high data quality and fast turnaround times.

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Low-volume liquid handling technology enables rapid, automated setup of PCR and qPCR reactions with outstanding accuracy and precision.

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Single Cell Genomics

Single cell genomics provides whole genome and transcriptome sequencing from a single cell. Automation and miniaturization technologies unlock the power of single-cell analysis and sequencing making your high throughput experiments practical and cost-effective.

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Transcriptomics uses high throughput methods to examine RNA transcripts produced by the genome. Automated nanolitre-scale liquid handling enables researchers using transcriptomics to dramatically increase throughput while balancing sensitivity and cost considerations.

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Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology has opened new doors for researchers now able to design large numbers of synthetic construct combinations for testing. We help you to scale up your DNA construct assembly and validation while assuring the best quality results.

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Pathogen Surveillance

Genomic-informed pathogen surveillance using high-throughput genetic sequencing is a vital tool allowing researchers to more effectively monitor infectious disease agents and positively impact public health.  Pathogen surveillance researchers need robust, proven technology to deliver sample preparation at scale with miniaturization driving affordable high throughput sequencing and qPCR.

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Microbiome & Metagenomics

Metagenomics uncovers rich insights about microbial communities and deepens our understanding of biological systems.  Metagenomics studies commonly use 16S rRNA gene sequencing, which relies on robust and precise liquid handling technology and laboratory automation solutions.

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The Why and How of Miniaturizing Genomics Applications

Life science research is changing. A push for more reliable data, higher sample numbers and uniform execution of protocols, is driving an increase in the adoption of miniaturization in order to meet these goals.

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