Reliable, versatile and easy to use sample management automation instruments and accessories.

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Accomplish fully automated sample management workflows

The BioMicroLab range of reliable, versatile and easy to use sample management automation instruments provide essential tools to laboratories automating a single task for the first time or accomplishing fully automated sample management workflows.


Reliable and affordable benchtop pick & place systems

The BioMicroLab XL Series of reliable and affordable benchtop robotic pick and place systems automate your critical sample management tasks such as organizing, reformatting and analyzing samples. We offer four models varying by rack capacity and configurable modules, and each instrument can be used for a single operation in your workflow or to accomplish multiple tasks such as scanning, weighing and labeling. All models are fully electric (no compressed air needed) and include Windows based user-friendly, integration-ready software and are fully compatible with LIMS systems.

BioMicroLab XL9
Modular and flexible instrumentation to automate critical labelling, sample tracking, and volume detection workflows.

The BioMicroLab XL9 tube handler for 96-format microtubes can be configured with labeling, sample tracking, and volume detection capabilities. With a 9 rack capacity, this is ideal for laboratories just starting out with automation or with limited benchtop space.

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XL20_2379 copy-2
BioMicroLab XL20
Configurable automated tube handler with hours of ‘walk-away’ time

Like the XL9, the BioMicroLab XL20 tube handler for 96-format microtubes can be configured with labeling, sample tracking, and volume detection capabilities. With a larger deck holding 20 racks, the XL20 offers hours of “walk-away” time and is the ideal benchtop robot for use alongside fully automated sample stores.

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BioMicroLab XL100
Flexible and modular benchtop tube handling for diverse sample management workflows.

The BioMicroLab XL100 performs complex tube and vial handling tasks such as volume detection of low sample volumes, liquid transfer, labeling, capping, de-capping, re-arraying and more. Compatible with tubes and vials up to 125mm in height and designed with an interchangeable pick-head, laboratories can use the same instrument for different tubes and vials.

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BioMicroLab XL200
Simplify complex tube and vial handling tasks with larger deck capacity

Similar in capabilities and function to the XL100, but with a larger deck capacity of 30 racks, the BioMicroLab XL200 also performs complex tube and vial handling tasks such as volume detection of very low sample volumes, liquid transfer, labeling, capping, de-capping, re-array and more. The XL200 is compatible with the same variety of tubes and vials (up to 125mm in height)  and is ideal for laboratories processing high volume runs or requiring deck spaces for reagents, wash areas or tip boxes.

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Standalone Volume Detection for Quality Control

The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck instruments use patented non-contact ultrasonic technology to accurately detect the volume of each well or tube, and output the volumes of a 384 well plate to an intuitive, user-friendly display in as little as 30 seconds. The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck is used alongside liquid handlers to ensure the accuracy of assay plate preparation, in sample library inventory management workflows, and in any workflow that requires volume verification before or after other processing tasks. With excellent repeatability, compatibility with a wide range of labware, and user focused software, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck provides laboratories with a straightforward solution for automated volume verification.

BioMicroLab VC100
Streamline workflows with affordable non-contact volume detection instrumentation

The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 helps laboratories shift away from visual or manual inspection of well plates and tube racks by offering an automated alternative. With an affordable price point, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 is ideal for laboratories needing to integrate detection of low or high volumes in uncapped 96, 48 and 24-format well plates and tube racks into their workflow.

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BioMicroLab VC384
Transform volume detection workflows with fast and versatile automated non-contact solutions

With the fastest scan speed, highest accuracy, and compatibility with the widest range of labware, The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 384 is the preferred solution for most laboratories. It is compatible with 384 well plates and uncapped tubes in 96, 48, 24-format racks (no adapters or consumables are needed), and returns the volumes of a 384 well plate in as little as 30 seconds in fast scan mode.

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Simplify laborious labeling workflows to increase efficiency

The BioMicroLab LabelPro automates the time intensive process of printing and applying labels by hand. Available as a standalone printer or integrated with a BioMicroLab XL Tube Handler for automated labeling alongside other tube handling tasks, the BioMicroLab LabelPro applies labels to microtubes, cryovials, glass vials and Falcon conical centrifuge tubes.
BioMicroLab LabelPro
Automated tube labeling saves time and eliminates manual errors

The BioMicroLab LabelPro is available as a standalone labeler, or integrated with an XL Series Tube & Vial Handler for automated label printing and application. When attached to an XL Series Tube & Vial Handler, the LabelPro  is easily configurable as either a dedicated tube labeler or integrated into workflows involving volume detection, capping, liquid transfer or reformatting.

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Powerful, easy to use barcode reader for scanning

The BioMicroLab SampleScan™ full rack and single tube barcode scanners are easy-to-use, reliable and integrate well with other systems. They can be used to decode 2D barcodes on the base of cryotubes, cryovials, glass vials, and others in a wide range of ANSI/SLAS standard labware.

BioMicroLab Scan
BioMicroLab Scan
Compact all-in-one barcode reader for high-speed decoding

The BioMicroLab Scan combines the latest camera and software technology with a modern, compact design. Designed for high-speed barcode reading for both SBS and standard cyrobox format 2D barcoded tubes, this powerful new reader decodes most rack types in under 1 second!

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BioMicroLab Scan+
Instantly decode 1D and 2D barcodes without additional software

The BioMicroLab SampleScan Plus is a single tube reader that instantly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes into any open application without the need for additional software! The user simply hovers a tube over the scanning window and the SampleScan Plus sounds a friendly beep and flashes a light to indicate the scan was successful. Powered by USB, this plug-and-play barcode reader is compatible with a wide range of barcode types, and includes a rugged metal chassis for use in a range of lab environments.

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BioMicroLab Thaw

Process samples more efficiently.

Efficiently thaw frozen samples in ANSI/SLAS racks so that your workflow is optimized! No warm up time, a narrow footprint, and straight forward operation makes the Rack Thawing Station an excellent choice for labs frustrated by the inability to work with frozen tube racks!

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BioMicroLab XL Ionizer

Use the XL Ionizer in ultra-dry environments to improve the accuracy of analytic balances. Plastic test tubes that are moved in and out of plastic racks can accumulate an electrostatic charge. The charge may lead to the appearance of slight variations in the test tube sample weight when the tube is placed in an analytical balance, especially at low volumes. The XL Ionizer dissipates the electrostatic charge on the instrument deck, the balance, tube racks, and the tube itself.

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