Multi-channel non-contact dispensing from positive displacement syringes. The dragonfly product range delivers accurate and repeatable nanoliter to milliliter dispensing, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

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Accurate and repeatable dispensing - every time

dragonfly instruments harness innovative positive displacement technology to enable accurate and repeatable nanolitre to milliliter dispensing, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.


dragonfly in the lab

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"Great product with a broad range of applications. Great R+D instrument, used for assay development. Support and service from SPT Labtech is excellent!"

— Scott Thurston, Wellcome Sanger Institute


"The dragonfly has been a game changer in our lab. We have a time-sensitive application in which reagents must be dispensed to a 384 well reaction plate in under 2 minutes. The dragonfly is the perfect, rapid fire, contact free liquid handler for the job! Perfect positional and volume accuracy every time."

— Mike Moreau, Genosity


"A breath of fresh air in the world of crystallisation hits optimisation! The machine provides a combination of highly intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface coupled with a unique dispensing method of crystallisation agents."

— Dimitri Chirgadze, University of Cambridge

Robust and reliable reagent dispensing

dragonfly enables innovative, low volume liquid dispensing that is compatible with a wide range of applications including molecular biology and genomics, biochemical assays, as well as cell- and bead-based assays.


dragonfly discovery
Robust and reliable reagent dispensing

dragonfly discovery enables innovative, low volume reagent dispensing across a broad range of applications including genomics​, assay development, and 3D cell cultures. Highly repeatable and accurate low volume dispensing, rapid large volume dispensing, and ultra-low dead volumes allow researchers to minimize reagent costs, save time, and standardize assays for superior quality data.

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dragonfly crystal
Take the first step towards liquid handling automation

dragonfly crystal focuses specifically on protein crystal optimization, enabling rapid and accurate preparation of complex crystallization gradients or optimization screens to be accomplished, even with viscous liquids, while eliminating cross-contamination.

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Expand the performance of your dragonfly

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We have two core accessories available for our dragonfly range. Auto-feed reservoirs (AFRs) remove the need for human intervention to refill the manual reservoirs. The reservoir cooling block allows users to keep samples chilled in the reservoir before aspiration and subsequent dispensing.

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dragonfly discovery

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dragonfly discovery - Unifying drug discovery
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dfd afr

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dragonfly discovery - high volume dispensing with AFR module
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robust and reliable dispensing

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dragonfly discovery - Robust and reliable reagent dispensing
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