Webinar recording:
Supercharge your Olink workflow with the right liquid handling tools

In this webinar, discover how to maximize volumetric precision in Olink proteomic technology workflows for improved accuracy and reliability with multi-omic pipelines for full suite service providers.

We will discuss how miniaturized liquid handling, enabled by dragonfly® discovery and mosquito® instruments, facilitates high-plex, precise, and repeatable proteomic profiling, supporting exploratory and pre-clinical experiments at Azenta Life Sciences.

Insightful process design, in tandem with truly differentiating positive displacement volumetric technologies, enables leading labs to retain flexibility and seamlessly incorporate complex workflows demanding high precision and accuracy.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand the value of positive displacement technologies for effective multi-omics assay miniturization
  • Discover the benefits of incorporating Olink protein profiling technology as an expansion from genomic services into multi-omics
  • Learn more about the practical considerations and applications of performing the Olink assay

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