This accessible range of liquid handling instruments delivers high-performance, intuitive and compact automated solutions that adapt well across applications.

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Accurate, precise and intuitive automated liquid handling technology

apricot instrumentation provides accurate, precise and intuitive automated pipetting technology for convenient general use across your entire team. The small footprint designs allow laboratories to maximize available space without compromising on pipetting performance.


apricot in the lab

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"5/5 easy to import, create or edit workflows / protocols. Our apricot S3 works really well for NGS protocols. 5/5 easy to calibrate and re-initialize. 5/5 great after sales care & customer services."

— Stella Huang, seqWell


"The apricot S3 delivered high level of precision and accuracy in pipetting when we had it for the demo, the %CV was around 1.5%. It's nice to have a instrument that can pipet 0.5 uL to 125 uL in one pipet tray, which greatly facilitates our workflow. It is very easy to use and methods are easily written."

— Zachary Nguyen, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

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"User friendly software. Easy to do quick setup but also offers many different functions and options for more extensive assays. Reproducibility was very good in a time-saving manner. Instrument allows for mid to high throughput assays."

— Ian Hammond-Martel, Paraza Pharma

Automated high performance pipetting, for every lab

Laboratories across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are increasingly automating their liquid handling and dispensing capabilities with versatile, scalable, and affordable solutions that cater to a range of applications.


apricot S3
Our most flexible, automated, high performance liquid handler for a range of applications.

The apricot S3 offers automated high performance 96 and 384 channel pipetting, equally suited to low or high-throughput use. The instrument’s interchangeable pipetting cores allow researchers to simply select the dispense range depending on the application, without a need for any tools.

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apricot S1
Take the first step towards liquid handling automation

This easy to use and accessible 96 and 384 channel liquid handling system with interchangeable pipetting core is up to 12x faster than an 8-channel handheld pipettor. Ideal for laboratories making their first step towards automation, it incorporates adjustable split level manually actuated plate elevators for individual sampling using multiple plates and supports a variety of SBS format labware.

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apricot DC1
Powerful automated pipetting from tubes to plates

The versatile apricot DC1 unlocks a whole raft of benefits for laboratories taking their first steps towards liquid handling automation. As a highly accessible platform, the apricot DC1 empowers laboratory staff, allowing teams to benefit quickly from increased throughput, reliable standardization, and enhanced data quality when copying, mixing, pooling, aliquoting, and preparing the serial dilution of liquids.

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apricot PP5
User-friendly, multi-channel pipetting perfect for shared resource environments.

The apricot PP5 brings together the functionality of several pipettors into one space-saving instrument suited for both production and laboratory environments. Its accurate, reliable and repeatable automation minimizes repetitive tasks and eliminates pipetting errors to increase productivity.

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Tips and consumables


apricot tips and consumables

Our apricot pipette tips and consumables are designed to work in perfect combination with the apricot automated pipettors. Manufactured exclusively by SPT Labtech for our apricot instruments, the apricot EZ-load and AL tips deliver optimal liquid handling precision and accuracy.

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