This accessible range of liquid handling instruments delivers high-performance, intuitive and compact automated solutions that adapt well across applications.


Accurate, precise and intuitive automated liquid handling technology

apricot instrumentation provides accurate, precise and intuitive automated liquid handling technology for convenient general use across your entire team. The small footprint designs allow laboratories to maximize available space without compromising on pipetting performance.

apricot S1

This easy to use and accessible 96 and 384 channel liquid handling system with interchangeable pipetting core is up to 12x faster than an 8-channel handheld pipettor. Ideal for laboratories making their first step towards automation, it incorporates adjustable split level manually actuated plate elevators for individual sampling using multiple plates and supports a variety of SBS format labware. The EZ-Load tip technology and touch-screen control interface enable intuitive and straightforward operation across the whole research team.

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apricot S3

The apricot S3 offers automated high performance 96 and 384 channel pipetting, equally suited to low or high-throughput use. The instrument’s interchangeable pipetting cores allow researchers to simply select the dispense range depending on the application, without a need for any tools.The intuitive interface through a Microsoft® Surface Pro Tablet, and EZ-Load tip technology combined with fully automated X, Y and Z drives, create exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly automated pipetting.

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apricot PP5

The apricot PP5 brings together the functionality of several pipettors into one space-saving instrument suited for both production and laboratory environments. Its accurate, reliable and repeatable automation minimizes repetitive tasks and eliminates pipetting errors to increase productivity. The intuitive interface, compact 5 plate position automated deck and optional active tip wash or reagent reservoir station simplify and significantly speed up multi-step liquid handling processes.

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apricot A4

This high-performance, compact, automated multi-channel pipettor minimizes repetitive tasks and streamlines ‘tube to plate’ workflows. Intuitive software enables precise control of tip positioning for transferring samples to a range of labware. With individual and fully automated tip loading, the apricot A4 provides the flexibility for a wide variety of tasks, and is compatible with multiple tube types.

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What our customers say about apricot

The S range pipettors are easy and simple to use. It is an indispensable instrument for our high precision assays

Edward P. Amento

MD, Molecular Medicine Research Institute