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What makes working at SPT Labtech special? Simply, it’s that you’re making a difference. Working together to create solutions to real-world problems, you’re helping customers around the world improve lives.

More than that, it’s about our culture. We’re open, inclusive and collaborative. If you work here, you have the autonomy and freedom to do your job, to explore and innovate. We want you to thrive – we’ll encourage you to grow in your career and take on new challenges.

And there’s plenty of scope for growth. With our recent acquisitions, we have exciting knowledge bases around the world and now number 400+ employees, offering 30+ products, with 7 offices globally. There’s a world of opportunity here.

Our teams

Whatever your area of expertise, there’s a place for you here at SPT Labtech.

Scientist, engineer, designer, marketeer…if you’re passionate about what you do, we’re delighted to have you. You could be part of the team that designs and innovates products, you could use your expertize to manufacture them, or you could help take them to market. Our success as a company is based on different thinkers, working collaboratively to challenge the status quo and move things forward. Welcome to the next generation of teamwork.

Research and development

We design solutions for today’s problems, using tomorrow’s technology. Our engineers are more than a cog in a wheel – our R&D team has the freedom to drive change, think for themselves and build ideas that are tailor made to meet the client’s needs. This is where functionality meets design.


Our Sales and Commercial teams are approachable, friendly and enjoy building personalised relationships. The more we understand our customers, the more we’re able to meet their goals – we’re in this for the long term and we hope you will be too.


In a market whose expectations are always increasing, our Software team has to challenge, improve and innovate continuously. It’s not about coming second to the product – our UX driven design creates interfaces that bring value, whilst being streamlined and simple to use.

Field Application Scientists (FAS)

Our scientists are central to our business. As well as providing scientific advice and helping our lab teams with installation and design, they’re a vital part of our evaluation loop, listening to customers’ comments and feedback and ultimately enhancing their experience.

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You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you can’t deliver them, they’re nothing. Our Manufacturing team make design concepts a reality through their expertise, precision and technical skill. Whether working on the instruments themselves or on consumables, our high quality manufacturing means every product is built to the highest specification, for reliable, robust data.

Service and solution

Our job doesn’t end once a product is manufactured. With our reliance service, every instrument we supply is designed to continue performing optimally, thanks to the support of our field service engineers. Remote and on-site training and support give our customers access to the reliance team’s collective expertise, helping you to address challenges and advance research goals throughout an instrument’s life.

The way we work


Our Mission

Working together to accelerate life science research: enabling life scientists through collaboration, deep applications and knowledge, leading engineering and the belief that we can make a difference!

Our Values


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.


We work together to realise our potential and maximise our results.


We act quickly and use our skills and knowledge to enable life scientists and accelerate their research.


We don’t limit ourselves, we push boundaries. We create stand-out products that make a real difference.

The best way to get a flavour of what life at SPT Labtech is like is to hear from the people who work here. Take a look at some of the comments from our teams around the world…
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