Sample management workflows present multiple opportunities for optimization to assure sample integrity, automate repetitive tasks, and increase efficiency. To keep pace with growing research demands, scientists and research leaders need to create adaptable systems that anticipate future expansion.

Tube processing

Accelerate tube processing workflows by automating critical, but painstaking tasks such as organizing, reformatting and analyzing samples.
Flexible, modular approaches enable you to build a solution to meet your unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with other laboratory tools and consumables.


Sample ID and labelling

Labelling and identifying tubes with traditional methods is time-consuming and inefficient. Researchers can dramatically increase efficiency with simple effective technologies to both apply and identify 1D and 2D barcodes.

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Tube sorting and cherry picking

Automation of tube sorting and cherry picking delivers significant efficiency gains to laboratories but relies on flexible solutions with the ability to adjust to a range of tubes and vials.

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Compound Management

Compound management is at the heart of successful drug discovery. Storage of samples at the correct temperature and conditions is vital along with the ability to meet the ever increasing demands of screening. With our range of scalable solutions, we can meet your needs today and tomorrow.


Small molecule storage

Secure, rapid access storage streamlines workflows, enhances throughput and reduces costs.

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AcoustiX tube

Automated storage of acoustiX tubes democratizes access to acoustic workflows and streamlines the compound management process.

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Biostorage & Biobanking

In an era of personalized medicine, biobanks have become a cornerstone of medical research. Biobanking solutions need to offer researchers high quality samples through optimal processing, preservation and storage while providing the infrastructure and flexibility to scale.


DNA/RNA storage

Approaches to DNA storage vary widely, ranging from ambient for samples combined with stabilizers, through to -80°C. Whatever your approach, our solutions can be configured to your needs.

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Protein and antibodies storage

Preserving the integrity of valuable protein samples is essential to ensure research validity. -80°C storage that only picks the specimens you need protects against temperature variations that lead to degradation.

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Plasma and Serum storage

Secure -80°C storage with easy rapid access can accommodate a variety of 2D barcoded tubes to manage multiple liquids for optimal sample integrity.

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Bioparts and glycerol stocks

Bioparts and glycerol stocks require high integrity and rapid retrieval storage with the flexibility to easily integrate with downstream automation.

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Meet our Field Application Scientists

Our Field Application Scientists will help you to advance your research goals throughout the life of your instrument, optimizing for the applications you need and harnessing its full potential. As specialists in a range of disciplines including sample management, the team ensures that the protocols for your applications are scientifically robust, giving you the confidence to pursue novel approaches. Working closely with customers, Field Application Scientists eliminate bottlenecks and streamline workflows to enable successful research outcomes.

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