Liquid handling is an essential part of laboratory processes around the world. The ability to manipulate liquid samples and reagents with increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency opens the possibility for huge productivity gains. 

Revolutionizing Your Liquid Handling

Lab scientists no longer need to spend hours at the bench, manually measuring and dispensing reagents. Across many applications, researchers are opting to replace laborious handheld pipetting with automated solutions to drive research efficiency, improve data quality and enhance lab safety. By adopting state-of-the-art liquid handling solutions, scientists can produce consistently accurate results while minimizing risk of human errors and potential occupational hazards, such as repetitive strain injuries and exposure to harmful liquids. 

Whether you operate on a nanolitre, microlitre or millilitre scale, we have developed a suite of robotic liquid handling solutions that provide a cost-effective way to streamline everyday tasks and increase walk-away time. 

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, whether it’s automating simple tasks or managing complex workflows – we have liquid handler for you. 


Accelerate Genomics Research

Over the past few decades, the field of genomics has undergone a revolutionary transformation, leading to a deeper understanding of health and disease. The introduction of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has enabled scientists to obtain sequencing data at a higher scale and lower cost. Traditionally, NGS library preparation is often seen as a bottleneck in the workflow, consisting of many highly repetitive and sometimes complex pipetting tasks, but this has been transformed with the advent of automated liquid handling technology. 


firefly, the perfect solution

Our firefly liquid handling instrument has been designed specifically to streamline NGS sample and library preparation. It brings together the capabilities of multiple instruments into a single compact design, including pipetting, dispensing, incubating and shaking, so you can be sure you’re making the most of precious samples, reagents, and laboratory space. Setting up protocols is easy through firefly’s powerful, intuitive software, and the ability to author and share to any PC through the cloud makes automation truly accessible to all. 

The firefly liquid handling instrument provides researchers with all the automated liquid handling tools they need for fast and reliable NGS library preparation. Centered around our innovative positive displacement dispensing technology, firefly can handle even the most volatile or viscous liquids, and magnetic beads, without any compromise to speed or accuracy. The pipetting functionality offers complete versatility across 96 and 384 well plates, so you can drive throughput across a range of genomics liquid handling tasks such as magnetic bead clean up, PCR and qCPR setup, DNA quantification and normalization, and sample pooling, with significantly reduced hands-on time. 

Deliver Accurate Dispensing

Although a simple concept, liquid dispensing is an ideal candidate for automation. By transitioning away from a menial, hand-held approach, automated systems significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of liquid dispensing, whilst also alleviating the environmental footprint of your laboratory with reduced pipette tip use.

dragonfly, accuracy every time

Our dragonfly liquid dispensers deliver accurate and consistent non-contact nanoliter to milliliter reagent dispensing. They are completely liquid-class agnostic thanks to our innovative positive displacement technology, making them compatible with a wide range of applications across molecular biology, drug discovery and genomics. Simple to run and low-maintenance, dragonfly provides an optimal user experience every time. 

Whatever volumes or liquid classes you work with, dragonfly's accurate dispensing capabilities make it an essential tool for any laboratory looking to improve efficiency in reagent addition. Its non-contact dispensing technology means that a single pipette can be used across multiple plates and experiments for each reagent, drastically reducing consumables waste. A truly versatile instrument, dragonfly can not only enable miniaturization, but also increase productivity reagent dispensing for genomics workflows, assay development, cell culture, functional genomics, proteomics, and structural biology. 


Faster Nanolitre Liquid Handling

One of the greatest advantages of automated liquid handling instruments is the advent of miniaturization, enabling scientists to drastically scale down reaction volumes to extend the reach of precious reagents and samples. Useful for assay development, experiment design and high-throughput screening, minimizing reaction volumes has paved the way to maximizing throughput and the data output from precious samples 


mosquito, speed up your processes

With dedicated solutions across genomics, crystallography and drug discovery, mosquito is our revolutionary nanolitre liquid handling system designed to provide exceptional precision and accuracy even at ultra-low volumes. Dedicated mosquito variants have been specifically designed to scale down experiments including screening, nanoscale chemistry, protein and chemical crystallization, NGS library preparation, single cell genomics and highly multiplexed proteomics. 

With mosquito, traditional liquid handling tasks such as pipetting, mixing and sample transfer can be performed at a fraction of the volume, and at much higher speeds. Using positive displacement technology, mosquito’s disposable micropipettes can reliably transfer nanolitres to microlitres of liquid between individual wells and plates with an incredibly low dead volume. The technology is designed to reduce sample waste and increase reaction throughput, while also ensuring the highest level of data quality.  


Handling Liquid Conveniently

A common misconception is that introducing automation requires enormous investments and upheavals of laboratory setups. While fully automated end-to-end systems are available for those looking to perform entire hands-off workflows, there is value for everyone in optimizing even the simplest laboratory tasks with some automation.  

apricot, precise & intuitive

The apricot liquid handling instruments range has been specifically designed to bring convenience and efficiency to all common laboratory tasks, including pipetting, aliquoting, pooling, mixing and performing serial dilutions, providing a quick and easy path to more accurate and reliable liquid handling. With its precise and accurate pipetting capabilities, apricot minimizes the risk of errors and contamination, ensuring high-quality results. The versatile design of the instrument range allows for easy integration with existing workflows across a range of life science applications, to streamline processes and increase productivity. 

apricot is a cutting-edge liquid handling technology that offers numerous benefits to researchers and scientists. With its precise and accurate dispensing capabilities, apricot eliminates the risk of errors and contamination, ensuring high-quality results. Its versatile design allows for easy integration with existing laboratory equipment and workflows, streamlining research processes and increasing productivity. Additionally, apricot's intuitive software and user-friendly interface make it easy to use for researchers of all levels, saving time and reducing the learning curve. Overall, SPT Labtech's apricot provides a reliable and efficient solution for liquid handling in research and laboratory settings.


Automated liquid handling is revolutionizing the way labs operate. By removing the burden of menial, repetitive tasks, scientists can focus their time and expertise on more critical thinking tasks. 

Whether you're working with small or large volumes, SPT Labtech’s automated liquid handling systems can handle it all. From simple pipetting tasks to complex protocols, our solutions offer a wide range of capabilities to meet your lab's specific needs. You can also customize your system with various modules and accessories to suit your application and workflow requirements. 

In addition to their convenience and efficiency, automated liquid handling systems can also improve the safety of your lab. Eliminating manual pipetting reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

So why waste time with manual liquid handling when you can automate your workflow?

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