Innovative Technology

Throughout the lifecycle of our products, from the initial prototype through to manufacturing, installation and beyond, we bring a problem-solving mindset and technical expertise to drive innovation.

Our solutions for liquid handling, sample preparation, and sample management are designed to address customers’ critical challenges, streamline workflows, and enable research success.


As an organization, SPT Labtech is built on an ethos of engineering and R&D excellence and a commitment to creating innovative products to solve even the toughest research challenges. Our scientists and engineers apply ingenuity and expertise to advance customers’ goals and empower the best possible science

Joby Jenkins, Vice President Of Business Development at SPT Labtech

Latest innovations

positive displacement

Achieving accurate low volume pipetting can be difficult, especially when handling viscous liquids or other challenging materials. Novel positive displacement dispensing technology from disposable tips underpins our liquid handling portfolio of products.

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pneumatic tube transport

Harnessing the power of  pneumatic technology, our innovative sample transport solutions deliver quickly and reliably between labs, analytical suites and even across sites hundreds of meters apart.

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Chameleon, a blot-free, pico-liter sample vitrification instrument,  is a commercial development of the successful Spotiton system, developed by the groups of Bridget Carragher and Clint Potter at New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC). They set out to create a robust and repeatable technique for specimen vitrification based on small volume dispensing using inkjet technology. chameleon distills out the advantages of Spotition and builds in our proven knowledge of process automation in the field of structural biology. 

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apricot-s3-intro (1)

EZ- Load technology from apricot

EZ-Load technology simplifies semi-automated pipetting with disposable tips without the need for any additional tools or fixtures for loading or unloading. The EZ-Load tips simply drop directly into the head and are ready to use in seconds. The upward clamping force onto the EZ-Load head, whether done with an easy manual lever or with a motorized clamp, will provide a simple and consistent seal which is required for the best pipetting results.

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Better reconstructions from less data with UltrAuFoil

UltrAuFoil ultra-stable gold-on-gold holey cryo-EM supports offer improved conductivity and eliminate differential contraction between grid and film on plunge freezing. Reduced foil crinkling during sample preparation protects the biomolecule’s native structure and supports facilitate the utilization of the highest resolution data from initial frames due to reduced beam-induced motion. Developed by Dr Chris Russo of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge and exclusively manufactured by Quantifoil, UltrAuFoil cryo-EM supports can improve final reconstruction resolution by up to 0.5 Å compared to other supports.

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The way we work

As you’d expect from a business that’s about problem-solving, SPT Labtech is an open, forward-thinking place. We don’t limit ourselves. We push the boundaries. We work collaboratively, with each other and with our customers – and we put our customers first.

We’ve summarised our values like this:

resources-icon-case-study We put our customers at the heart of everything we do
light-bulb-icon We create stand-out products that make a real difference
graph-icon We use our skills and knowledge to enable life scientists and accelerate their research
microscope-icon We work together to realise our potential and maximise results
Working with such innovative, robust, liquid handling instruments, that customers really like has been great.  I really enjoy the customer engagement that I’ve experienced in my role and being so involved with R&D (Research & Development) projects.

Anita Pearson, Applications Development Scientist

SPT Labtech

Our approach to R&D innovation at SPT Labtech is to look at things differently. We see solutions not problems, we challenge the status quo; the obvious, and when solving problems, we do not ask “why?” but ask “why not?”. Innovation is built on a foundation of fundamental understanding, something that has been built up over many years of product development in collaboration with our users; our outstanding team of engineers and scientists constantly strive to push the boundaries of technological excellence in everything they do.

Simon Tullett, Head of R&D Operations

SPT Labtech