High speed, low volume hit picking

mosquito X1 enables accurate and precise single-channel positive displacement pipetting from 25 nL to 1.2 μL (LV) or 500 nL to 5 μL (HV).

With programmable sampling of any individual well in any plate, as well as multiple deck positions, mosquito X1 is ideally suited to rapidly cherry pick compounds from high throughput screening (HTS) plates for validation and secondary profiling or to normalize compound stock concentrations.

High speed, low volume hit picking from plates
High speed, low volume hit picking from plates

Designed for automated low volume hit picking, mosquito X1 offers precision sampling from any individual well in any plate with or without a foil seal. The instrument’s powerful capabilities enable researchers to quickly select small volumes of hits from a variety of primary screening plates and transfer them directly into assay ready plates, averaging just 6 seconds for aspirate, plate deck move, dispense, and tip change.

Integration-ready for extended automation capabilities
Integration-ready for extended automation capabilities
mosquito X1 extends the benefits of automation through ‘off the shelf’ integration of the Cherry Picker II hit-picking system. This stand-alone hit-picking workstation automates the process of loading and removing source plates from the mosquito X1, as well as scanning plate bar codes in order to identify wells to be addressed, and volumes to be transferred as defined by a simple .CSV worklist.
Versatile single channel pipetting
Versatile single channel pipetting

Samples can be multi-dispensed into multiple wells or plates, pooled into a single well and even mixed. With 1 nL resolution, mosquito X1 is well suited for transferring exact volumes for normalization processes.

True positive displacement technology delivers exceptional accuracy
True positive displacement technology delivers exceptional accuracy

mosquito X1 harnesses innovative positive displacement technology using disposable micropipettes with individual pistons to deliver exceptional accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class. Disposable pipettes guard against cross-contamination and ensure the integrity of assays and the quality of your research outcomes.

Preserve valuable compound stocks
Preserve valuable compound stocks

Low volume pipetting and ultra-low source dead volumes of <0.3 µL minimize the use of precious compound stocks in mosquito X1 workflows.

Walk up and use technology streamlines user experience
Walk up and use technology streamlines user experience

The user-friendly instrument and software interface are accessible for even novice users, minimizing operator training time and simplifying setup.

We’re revolutionising liquid handling

Our liquid handling portfolio provides you with accurate and repeatable nanolitre to microlitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid class or environmental conditions.

High performance technology

Our liquid handling instruments harness innovative technology to streamline workflows and accelerate research.

Robust, reliable, and easy to use, our products overcome tough technical challenges and enable researchers to focus on the best science.

True positive displacement pipetting

Each of our disposable micropipettes has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, offering true positive displacement pipetting with no risk of cross-contamination. mosquito gives researchers the confidence to handle a range of liquid types.

Low volume accuracy and precision

mosquito X1 offers low volume automated pipetting in the 25 nL to 1.2 μL range (LV) or 500 nL to 5 μL range (HV), to a very high level of performance, suitable for compound hit picking or normalization. The mosquito range combines outstanding accuracy with an average of less than 3% error throughout the volume range and unrivaled precision with average CVs of 3%.

Intuitive by design

Our application led software combines usability and functionality, with an intuitive user experience tailored to each scientific application.

Through collaboration with scientists, our software team develops and enhances the instrument UI to provide the optimal user experience and facilitate adoption into novel application areas.

Extend capabilities with workflow integration

mosquito integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of laboratory instrumentation, including robotic plate handlers, stackers and bulk liquid handlers to extend capabilities and further streamline workflows.

The Cherry Picker II off-the-shelf compact benchtop work cell for Mosquito X1 extends walk away time and offers:

  • reliable plate handling
  • bar code reading
  • high density plate storage
  • high speed automated hit picking
  • accurate low volume pipetting
  • rapid disposable tip exchange
  • direct piercing of sealed source plates

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Technical Specification

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Pipetting range 25 nL - 1.2 μL (LV) or 500 nL - 5 μL (HV) Throughput Average of 6 seconds cycle time (aspirate, move, dispense, change tip)
Supported SBS plate formats 96, 384 and 1,536 (plus other supported microplates) Accessories Active humidity chamber, spool cover, cherry picker II integration
Weight 27 kg (59 lbs) Dimensions (W x D x H) 390 mm (790 mm 5 plate deck) x 470 mm x 690 mm
15.5 in (17.3 in 5 plate deck) x 18.5 in x 27 in
Technical variants 2 or 5 plate position deck


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