The latest version of the software empowers all mosquito users and helps you get even more out of your miniaturized workflows. Packed full of powerful new features and enhancements, there's something for everyone whether you're using your mosquito for NGS, HTS, nanoChem, or crystallography.

Not only does the upgrade package give you the v4.1 mosquito software, but it also includes a new touchscreen laptop or PC with the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system to replace your current unsupported Windows computer.

Featured highlights of mosquito v.4.1

  • Streamlined management of protocol CSV files and the choice to use CSV files as a full replacement for protocol files
  • Approved experiment designer to create, save and add protocols with variables to the improved Home screen offering new customization features and quick access
  • Flexible option to start from any step within your protocol
  • Easy setup of reaction plates with the ability to change the transfer format from standard to alternate row, alternate column, or full plate when using 9mm tips
  • Powerful templates for all wizards and spool types
  • Quick generation of protocols with the serial dilution wizard (mosquito LV) and nanoChem plate designer now also fully integrated
Existing customer? How to get the mosquito 4.1 update:

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