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firefly Roadshow Image - Berlin
European Human Genetics Conference
Berlin, Germany

The 57th annual European Human Genetics Conference will take place in Berlin, Germany from Saturday June 1 to Tuesday June 4, 2024. The ESHG conference provides a platform for the dissemination of the most recent advancements in the field of human genetics, both scientifically and technologically.

1-4 June 2024
8:00 (CET)
Lausanne (1)
Europe Biobank Week Congress
Vienna, Austria

This event aims to brings together researchers, biobank staff, institutions and industry to attend high-quality scientific sessions that address the latest topics of concern. These sessions will be led by biobanking community experts from healthcare, academia, and industry.

14-17 MAY 2024
9:00 (CET)
SLAS Europe 2024
Barcelona, Spain

Join us at SLAS Europe this year! The SLAS 2024 Europe Conference and Exhibition is heading back to the southern European epicenter of the life sciences and biotechnology sectors. Come and speak to us about some of our new innovations and see some of our new product demonstrations across liquid handling automation, sample management & preparation. 

27-29 MAY 2024
9:00 (CET)
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Webinars
ADLM 2024

Join us in Chicago, IL, USA for ADLM 2024 to explore our cutting-edge innovations + technologies shaping the future of laboratory medicine. 

The Festival of Genomics & Biodata Boston

The Festival of Genomics & Biodata takes place in both London (UK) and Boston (USA). The Festival is designed to deliver against our social mission: to deliver the benefits of genomics to patients faster.

M&M 2024 Annual Meeting (Microscopy & Microanalysis)

The M&M [The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) and the Microanalysis Society (MAS)] conference is the largest scientific meeting and gathering of microscopy and microanalysis professionals, academics, technicians, students and exhibitors in the world.


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Past Events

  • 21

    Webinar - Enhancing Core Facility Operations: Automated Liquid Handling for High-Throughput, High-Quality NGS Library Generation

  • 29-31

    Cryo-EM in academia and industry 2024

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