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reliance helps to advance your research goals throughout the life of your instrument

reliance is SPT Labtech's refreshed Service and Support brand that gives you a 'Best-in-Class' partner throughout the life of your instrument helping to minimize downtime, maintain optimal performance, and gives you absolute confidence to assure research success.  Our products are renowned for their industry-leading reliability and efficiency. With our reliance service, you have access to a dedicated support team to safeguard your investment and secure your productivity.


What reliance offers our customers

resources-icon-case-study Ensure consistent access to our expertise to enable innovation

Through reliance service contracts customers gain preferential access to the collective expertise of the reliance team to jointly address research challenges and further innovation.

graph-icon Optimize research processes

Our dedicated application scientists will help you to advance your research with technical expertise, assay development and technology transfer services.

clock-icon-1 Maximize productivity and minimize downtime

Field service engineers ensure the optimal performance of your instrument throughout its life. Working with research teams remotely and on-site, we provide continuity and seamless service; typically, one field service engineer will take care of an incident from start to finish to streamline communication.

light-bulb-icon Empower your team with vital knowledge

reliance instrument training empowers your team and equips them with the right knowledge to maximize the potential of your investment.

Technical support

Our team of field service engineers deliver telephone, remote and on-site support including onsite preventative maintenance visits.

Application support

Our experienced Field Application Scientists provide expert scientific advice and help install instruments, design applications and optimize workflows for drug discovery, genomics, structural biology and protein crystallography research.

Instrument relocation

This service offers managed, secure relocation of any SPT Labtech instrument and incorporates:

  • pre-inspection of the instrument
  • decommissioning, dismantling and transit preparation
  • transport to the new location
  • reinstallation and commissioning


Access to expert knowledge is a cornerstone of success. Our tailored instrument courses  cover basic operation and best practice, and application advice  to enhance user productivity and maximize return on investment.

Stay connected and protected with reliance service contracts and warranty

Retain peace of mind, and optimize productivity with extended warranties and service contracts for your instrument.  You can purchase an extended warranty with your new instrument, and stay connected and protected beyond the extended warranty period with reliance remote, maintain and complete service contracts. Our flexible options allow you to benefit from a support package that works for your instrument, your company and your scientific needs. No matter the level you choose, you can be confident of reliance's responsiveness, expertise, and dedication to customer experience.


complete is our fully comprehensive service contract with cover for all parts and labor with any site visit, priority response times, initial response time within 4 hours.

You benefit from unlimited telephone, email and remote access support, along with the security of your annual preventative maintenance on-site visit. We help advance your research efforts by providing application software updates and remote application support to meet the evolving requirements of today’s fast-paced research environment. Further, you benefit from training for up to 4 users with your preventative maintenance visit – ensuring that as your team changes and grows, you grow your knowledge base of working with your SPT Labtech instrument.

*benefits may differ for some apricot and BioMicroLab products. Please contact reliance for details




With our reliance maintain service contract, you can expect an initial response to any incident within an 8 hour turnaround time.

You benefit from the same unlimited telephone, email and remote access support as our remote service, with the added benefit of an annual preventative maintenance on-site visit to keep your instrument in optimal condition. Your research team can ensure value from your instrument and access additional flexibility with application software updates, remote application support and discounted parts and labor as required.

*benefits may differ for some apricot and BioMicroLab products. Please contact reliance for details


With our remote service contract, you benefit from the reassurance of a 12 hour initial response time for any incidents and unlimited telephone and email support.

Our field service engineers are on-hand for unlimited remote access support via TeamViewer. We know that your scientific research doesn’t stop and neither does reliance

Every SPT Labtech instrument comes with a warranty agreement to safeguard your instrument and ensure optimal performance. A reliance standard warranty provides fast incident response time, on-site attendance for corrective actions, as well as unlimited telephone, email assistance and remote access support.

Our field service engineers and application scientists will be on hand to help you with any remote application support needed during those critical first 12 months, as well as software updates.

Training is essential for optimal performance, and we will get your team up and running efficiently to ensure you start getting full value from your investment right away. During the standard warranty period, replacement parts, labor, and call out are provided free of charge.

We help you retain that peace of mind through an extended warranty purchased at the same time as your new instrument ensuring the same cast-iron reliability for a further 12 months.


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