Webinar recording:
Making transfers of crystallisation screens more consistent, reliable and reproducible

In this webinar, you will get a practical walk-through of how to make consistent transfers from a deep well block to a crystal screening plate using an automated pipetting system and examine best practice setting up sitting-drop vapour diffusion crystallisation.

About this webinar

Join Dr Huw Rees and Susmith Mukund for an interactive masterclass on crystallography trial workflow.

Key Takeways

Watch this on-demand webinar for essential insights into:

  • Discover how to achieve more consistent and reproducible crystallisation trials
  • Examine optimisation strategies to eliminate contamination of your plates
  • Explore how to generate consistent, homogenous crystal screen mixes without the need to vortex or shake the crystal condition block
  • Uncover best practice for end-to-end automation of your crystallography trial workflow.

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