Expand the performance of your instrument

dragonfly® accessories

Expand the performance of your dragonfly instrument.

Auto-feed reservoirs (AFRs)

Auto-feed reservoirs allow users to take the reservoir offline from the instrument and pump directly to a small set of ports beneath tips for aspiration and dispensing. The feature removes the need for human intervention to refill the manual reservoirs.

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Reservoir cooling block

The reservoir cooling block allows users to keep samples chilled in the reservoir before aspiration and subsequent dispensing. Keep samples below 10ºC for more than 10 minutes and process complex 3D assays using Matrigel® if chilling is required to maintain the sample in its liquid form before aspiration.

mosquito® accessories

Expand the performance of your mosquito instrument.

Cooling block

The cooling block helps protect the integrity of sensitive samples and reagents during reaction setup. The block has been designed to fit on the mosquito deck and to provide a high heat capacity, so that the plates remain cool for a longer time. The cooling block is pre-cooled in the -20°C freezer before use. It fits all mosquito models and dragonfly® discovery.

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Magnetic bead separation block

An essential accessory for every NGS lab, the magnetic bead separation block has been optimized for miniaturized SPRI bead clean-ups with mosquito® HV genomics. The block and the corresponding mosquito protocol provide a semi-automated process that combines significant cost savings with high recovery rates.

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Precise humidity chamber

mosquito's precise humidity chamber reduces experimental inconsistencies caused by variation in the humidity in the environment, allowing users to tightly control the relative humidity during each experiment. The humidity chamber enables up to a 90% reduction in drop evaporation.

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mosquito® LCP syringe coupling

A knurled metal coupling for joining two Hamilton Gastight® Syringes (with very low dead volume) used in mixing the protein and monoolein to prepare the LCP mixture, either using our LCP mixer or manually.

mosquito® LCP needles

A short, precisely cut, low dead volume needle (3 per pack) compatible with the 50 μL or 100 μL Hamilton Gastight® Syringes used by mosquito LCP.


LCP mixer

Automatically mix protein and monooelin (MO) or other lipids into a lipidic cubic phase from two coupled syringes. It accepts two 100µL or two 50µL Hamilton Gastight syringes.

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The MXone allows for extremely fast in plate mixing of even the most viscous solutions using high-speed oscillation of a disposable 96-pin array. The plate is held stationary while the solutions are effectively mixed in the well eliminating splashes and spillages.

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Additional accessories & spares

  • Plate seal holder for hanging drop preparations.
  • Calibration block for optimizing mosquito.
  • Set-up guide base for positioning.
  • Hanging drop seal onto reservoir plate.
  • Pipette tape spool cover to protect tips from environmental particles.
  • 4-position ultra-low reagent holder to conserve valuable sample.

comPOUND® accessories

Expand the performance of your comPOUND.


Provides walk-away operation allowing racks to be loaded onto the comPOUND for storing or retrieval of tubes.

  • With a safe assured pneumatic rack gripper enabling continuous grip plus easy access for loading of individual racks or whole cassette.
  • Easy access to use comPOUND direct and bypass comSTACKER 2 if needed.
  • Automatically supports 9, 10 and 15 way hotels.
  • Dedicated software includes option to designate required function per rack, clear information on stacker inventory, designed to minimize error handling.


The connect enables remote storage and retrieval of 2D bar-coded tubes for up to 4 comPOUNDs. This is also an ideal option to integrate sample storage with an automated work-cell. 

BioMicroLab accessories

Expand the performance of your BioMicroLab instrument.

BioMicroLab Thaw

Process samples more efficiently.

Efficiently thaw frozen samples in ANSI/SLAS racks so that your workflow is optimized! No warm up time, a narrow footprint, and straight forward operation makes the Rack Thawing Station an excellent choice for labs frustrated by the inability to work with frozen tube racks!

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BioMicroLab XL Ionizer

Use the XL Ionizer in ultra-dry environments to improve the accuracy of analytic balances. Plastic test tubes that are moved in and out of plastic racks can accumulate an electrostatic charge. The charge may lead to the appearance of slight variations in the test tube sample weight when the tube is placed in an analytical balance, especially at low volumes. The XL Ionizer dissipates the electrostatic charge on the instrument deck, the balance, tube racks, and the tube itself.

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