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Rapid access storage and streamlined sample management workflows

comPOUND provides secure storage for 2D barcoded tubes at -20°C, +4°C, and ambient temperature.  Its innovative carousel system delivers high density storage within a small footprint, compact unit and allows for rapid retrieval through the convenient vending machine style design. The modular approach allows facilities to scale flexibly, connecting individual units across locations using innovative and reliable pneumatic transport technology.

Vending machine style design for convenient sample retrieval
Vending machine style design for convenient sample retrieval

The user-friendly and convenient vending machine style design enables easy and secure access to samples. The ability to only retrieve requested microvials avoids unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles and maintains full sample integrity.

Innovative carousel system for high density, low footprint storage
Innovative carousel system for high density, low footprint storage

The innovative carousel system optimizes storage capacity, allowing facilities to capitalize on available space and proactively control overheads by maintaining low running costs.

Novel pneumatic technology assures reliability and streamlines workflows
Novel pneumatic technology assures reliability and streamlines workflows

The innovative pneumatic technology minimizes the use of electrical and mechanical components in the cold zone to ensure exceptional reliability. Harnessing pneumatic power enables fast cherry picking of samples and seamless onward transportation to remote locations.

Modular structure enables scalability and futureproofing
Modular structure enables scalability and futureproofing

Self-contained modules can be flexibly located and linked to increase sample throughput and enable growing compound libraries to scale efficiently.

Fast pick rate boosts productivity
Fast pick rate boosts productivity

Automated cherry picking saves facilities hours of highly qualified researcher and technician time in comparison to manual searching, dramatically increasing productivity. With a single comPOUND typically replacing two to three manual freezers, facilities can improve cost-efficiency and benefit from significant workflow improvements.

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Technical Specification

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Storage conditions Dry air or nitrogen, hermetically sealed with user-defined temperature at +4°C, ambient and -20°C store Approximate dimensions (W x D x H) 1.2m x 1.65m x 2.4m
48in x 65in x 93in
Capacity and throughput Storage of 100,000 x 1.4 mL vials, 200,000 x 0.5 mL vials and throughput of 600 vials/hour User interface Simple UI at local console
Input and output format 96-position SBS racks with 2D barcoded tubes Power Europe: 230V 50Hz. US: 208V - 240V Two phase @ 60 HzMax power consumption during normal use is 1.8 kW, average 1.25 kW

Expand the performance of your compound


We have two core accessories available to expand the performance of comPOUND. comSTACKER enables walk-away operation and the Connect XC system allows for unattended processing of orders consisting of up to 150 racks of tubes.

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What our customers
say about comPOUND

Modular equipment that can be scaled up to increase capacity with a minimum of effort

"This equipment is very effective for compound management. The original purchase of two modules was expanded to 3 then 4 in a seamless manner. A D2 variant of the store was added some time later for a different sample set. The modularity and scalability of the kit was necessary for a small-medium compound management facility like ours."

David Camp

Griffith University

Quick, reliable and accurate! compound gives us scope to progress.

"comPOUND for us invaluable, as we demand a quick reliable service. we get walk away time added by having compound either store or pick vials. These are all ready for the end user, so are kept at the perfect storage temperature. we also get 100% accuracy, which cannot get replicated with human use."

Mr Glen

Abcam PLC

These particular units were chosen for their compact size, large storage capacity, reliability and sample management capabilities. We also chose SPT Labtech because of its professionalism and customer service. We’ve installed five comPOUND units and moved them around on site. For all the comPOUND installations the TTP Labtech engineer had each unit uncrated, built and running seamlessly within a day. Before the introduction of Australian distributors, SPT Labtech provided an excellent support service for us even though they are located several thousand miles away. All these factors were crucial to Compounds Australia’s decision to select SPT Labtech and comPOUND in order to supply high quality samples efficiently and at low cost to our customer network

Moana Simpson

Griffith University

Very intuitive equipment. Installation was extremely quick. We experience small issues every so often that are quickly fixed by SPT.

Ludovic Otterbein