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SPT Labtech exhibiting at SLAS San Diego 2023

SPT Labtech: Leading the world with innovative automation - SLAS 2023

SLAS San Diego 2023 has come and gone, and SPT Labtech were thrilled to be exhibiting at this premier event for life sciences and laboratory automation. This year's conference was bigger and better than ever, bringing together leading experts,...

Spot-on genomics: top tech to watch in 2023

We sat down with Paul Lomax, Head of Genomics at SPT Labtech, to find out how exciting new technological developments have opened up opportunities for widespread innovation. In this interview, Paul touches on the history and current state of play of...

Shifting the crystallography bottleneck with miniaturization and automation

In this article, Chris Waddling, head of our North American FAS Team, writes about his experience managing a core facility for crystallography prior to joining SPT Labtech and the benefits of automated and miniaturized workflows.

The State of Automated Pipetting 2022

Industry Report: The State of Automated Pipetting 2022

Hot off the press, The State of Automated Pipetting 2022 shines a light on what's driving laboratories to automate their day-to-day liquid handling tasks. Across many application areas, researchers and lab staff are transitioning away from handheld...

Goodbye manual pipetting?

The writer Paul Coelho once said: "If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello". It's an inspiring thought, but in reality, it's natural to be resistant to change and bidding farewell to what has served us well...

A little lab automation can go a long way

Budget season for lab managers is a tricky time when critical spending decisions need to be taken on competing investment priorities. Staffing costs and the benefits of new laboratory equipment are often weighed up and set against each other. Should...

Maximizing Automation and Software in Restarting your Research

Many of us are gearing up to return to the lab after months of working from home. For some, this will be a welcome change and, for others, perhaps another shock to the system in what has been a strange year for scientific research.