Meet our American Lab Heroes: Day Zero Diagnostics


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We were delighted to sit down with Ian Herriott and Ally Brookhart from Day Zero Diagnostics, the winners of an apricot S3 automated pipettor as part of our American Lab Heroes competition.  

Almost a year on from the competition, we caught up with Ian and Ally to hear how about the recent growth and developments at the company, who are pioneering a new class of diagnostics based on whole genome sequencing and machine learning to address antibiotic resistance. They discussed their journey with the apricot and how its addition to the Sequencing Technologies group has transformed day-to-day tasks in lab, saving time previously spent on manual pipetting and increasing accuracy and consistency across 96-well plates.


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Laboratories across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are increasingly automating their liquid handling and dispensing capabilities with versatile, scalable, and affordable solutions that cater to a range of applications.

One of our most user-friendly and versatile liquid handling solutions, the apricot S3 drives R&D productivity by automating common pipetting tasks.  

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