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Automated high performance pipetting, for every lab

The apricot S3 offers automated high performance 96 and 384 channel pipetting, equally suited to low or high-throughput use. The instrument’s interchangeable pipetting cores allow researchers to simply select the volume range depending on the application, without a need for any tools. The intuitive interface through a Microsoft® Surface Pro Tablet, and EZ-Load tip technology combined with fully automated X, Y and Z drives, create exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly automated pipetting.

Exceptional versatility
Exceptional versatility

The automated split level plate elevators for plate sampling enable researchers to simply raise or lower plate/reservoir to a programmable height. An interchangeable pipetting core provides flexibility to choose from a 96 or 384 core to determine the configuration most suitable for a given application. The easy to program serial dilution protocols enable access to every column in a 24, 96, & 384 well plate or reservoirs with multiple sections.

Intuitive, user friendly interface
Intuitive, user friendly interface

The instrument is easily and intuitively controlled through a simple touchscreen interface and requires minimal operator training. The WiFi enabled tablet delivers additional flexibility and allows for operation outside the fume hood.

Small footprint maximizes available space
Small footprint maximizes available space

The compact design conserves precious bench space and fits easily into suitably-sized hoods.

Simple loading and unloading of tips
Simple loading and unloading of tips

The S3 uses Apricot’s unique EZ-Load disposable tips for simple, no-pressure loading without a requirement for any tools.

Seamless integration
Seamless integration

The S3 benefits from a readily available API to support integration with other laboratory equipment including microplate stackers, robotic arms, and automation work cells.

apricot Liquid Handler Citations

Technical Specification

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Dispensing precision (96-1000) <3% CV at 10µL
(96-500) <3% CV at 5µL
(96/384-125) <3% CV at 1µL
Dispensing accuracy (96-1000) +/–2% error at 10µL
(96-500) +/–2% error at 5µL
(96/384-125) +/– 2% error at 1µL
Volume (96) 500µL, 1000µL
(96/384) 125µL
(96-1000) 5-1000µL
(96-500) 1-500µL
(96-125) 0.5-125µL
(384-125) 0.5-125µL
Resolution (96-500/1000) 1µL
(96/384-125) 0.1µL
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Operating temperature 50–100°F
Dimensions (W x D x H) 457mm x 406mm x 584mm
18” x 16” x 23”
Weight Approx. 27kg / 60lbs

Product brochure

This two-page product brochure provides an overview of the apricot S3 in one easy-to-read document.

It includes technical specifications, key features and benefits, key applications, and an overview of  'ez-load' tip technology.

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