Introducing the latest features and enhancements to firefly® software


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Despite its compact benchtop footprint, firefly packs a huge amount of functionality, featuring capabilities for pipetting, dispensing, shaking and incubation. Throughout its development, our commitment has been to enhance accessibility and usability. This commitment is reflected in firefly's software, where protocol development and setup have been simplified through a visual and intuitive interface. 

Making streamlined NGS library preparation more accessible

These latest enhancements, developed directly from user feedback in the field, highlight our customer-centric approach to innovation. By listening to and understanding the challenges faced by our users, we have fine-tuned these software improvements to enhance the laboratory experience. 

Here is a selection of the key updates have been made in this latest release. 


  1. Edit protocols more easily and quickly with the grouped steps editor

    To facilitate protocol editing, we have introduced a grouped steps editor, meaning that users no longer need to ungroup to edit grouped steps. Breadcrumb navigation (as shown below) makes it easy to move between nested groups.
    firefly_Grouped steps editor

  2. Multi-reagent aspirate/dispense support

    Adjacent dispense steps of the same type can now be linked together at the click of a button. This allows steps to be executed concurrently and increase speed and efficiency in reagent addition. 

  3. Cloud protocol version control

    Users can now select a protocol change entry from the history page to rollback to previous protocol versions.

    firefly_Cloud protocol version control
  4. Introduction of lid support

    Microplate lids are now listed in firefly software as a type of labware, similarly to plates and tips. Protocol steps can be programmed to automatically move and stack lids as needed, so you can protect contents from contamination and evaporation without any manual intervention.

    firefly_Lid support

  5. Undo/redo support when editing protocols

    With this advanced enhancement to the protocol design user experience, users can now undo and redo unintended changes to their protocols at the click of a button. This is particularly useful when working with large, complex protocols and presents a significant time saving for firefly users.

  6. Enhancement to feedback hub

    We’ve made improvements to the way that users can provide instrument feedback, to streamline troubleshooting and minimize downtime. Users can now select from three feedback options: 

    • Suggest a new feature: Tell us about any ideas for new features and we’ll try to make it happen. 
    • Report a software bug 
    • Service request: Raise a support ticket with one of our engineers for any hardware or mechanical issues. 

  7. Locking protocol support

    This feature gives another level of security, especially when working with larger collaborative groups. Users that have been granted this privilege can now low protocols from being edited or deleted by other uses. A locked protocol can only be unlocked by the user who locked it. 

  8. Support for dispense step syringe to well XYZ offsets

    This new feature enables users to specify where in the well that liquid is dispensed to. We have also added a validation step to prevent any potential collision scenarios.


firefly sets a new standard in genomics liquid handling software, making automation accessible to all through its visual and intuitive user interface. These latest enhancements, developed directly from customer feedback in the field, further strengthen firefly's functionality and usability in streamlining NGS library and sample preparation.

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