Increase NGS library preparation throughput for synthetic constructs by automating seqWell’s ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit with firefly®


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home-products-listing-firefly-v2The ability to rapidly manufacture new constructs at scale and confirm their sequences is crucial in synthetic biology. The advent of automated liquid handling technology, such as that used in our most innovative, all-in-one solution firefly®, enables researchers to capitalize on the ever-increasing capacity of sequencing instruments while keeping cost-per-sample at a minimum.

In this app note, firefly was successfully used to develop cost-efficient methods for fast screening of synthetic constructs by automating the ExpressPlex Library Preparation Kit from seqWell. Designed for quick turnaround of plasmid, amplicon or synthetic construct sequencing, ExpressPlex is the fastest high-throughput library preparation kit available (based on total time to prepare 96 samples). 

The accurate and reliable automation offered by firefly enables ExpressPlex users to maximize on the kit’s multiplexing capabilities to further increase efficiency and throughput in the laboratory. By following the approach outlined in this application note, high-throughput laboratories can efficiently screen large numbers of constructs, allowing them to concentrate on other crucial aspects of their research and accelerate important discoveries.  

Key takeaways: 
  • ExpressPlex libraries automated on firefly were highly consistent, maintaining highly balanced read counts without normalization 
  • This methodology allows users to prepare and sequence 1,536 total libraries in 24 hours 
  • High-throughput screening of synthetic constructs enables researchers to further increase their rates of discovery


Read the full app note ‘High-Throughput NGS Library Prep for Plasmids and Amplicons with the ExpressPlex™ Library Preparation Kit on the SPT Labtech firefly®’ to learn more. 

Fast and reliable library preparation with firefly 

Our comprehensive firefly liquid handling solution has been designed specifically to automate and streamline sample and library preparation. It brings together multiple technologies into a single compact and user-friendly benchtop solution, combining capabilities for pipetting, dispensing, incubating and shaking – giving you all the tools you need for fast and reliable library preparation without sacrificing precious laboratory footprint. 

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