Illuminating Innovation: What Does it Take to Become a firefly® Engineer?


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Every one of our engineers plays a pivotal role in delivering the highest standards for our firefly customers. Laboratories globally rely on firefly for its liquid handling precision. Our commitment to customers goes beyond just functionality; it's about ensuring robustness and reliability in every instrument we deliver. This dedication is crucial in high-throughput lab operations, where we recognize that any downtime can be costly.

firefly: More than a tool, a laboratory partner

Inside firefly liquid handling platform

firefly isn't just another piece of lab equipment; it's a dynamic partner in scientific research. Despite its compact size, firefly is a powerhouse of functionality, featuring two distinct liquid handling heads (a 96/384-pipetting head and a non-contact positive displacement dispensing head) as well as capabilities for shaking and incubating plates, all controlled by powerful, intuitive software. This complexity requires our engineers to possess a unique blend of skills, ensuring they can set up each user for success.

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reliance®: Our commitment to ongoing excellence 

Reliance logoOur reliance team of Field Service Engineers provide best-in-class service and support to customers throughout the lifespan of their instruments. Complementing this, our experienced Field Application Scientists offer tailored scientific guidance, focusing on specific workflow design and optimization tailored to each unique application. With their diligent work, they minimize downtime and maintain peak performance, instilling confidence in our customers and helping them to achieve research success. By working with reliance, our customers can safeguard their investment and achieve sustained productivity.

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Building skill sets with intensive hands-on product training

Recently, we were delighted to welcome two of our engineers to SPT Labtech HQ for an intensive program of firefly product training. Angelo Brown joined us at the start of 2023 and has primarily supports sample management and apricot customers on East Coast USA. Gaurav Verma, a seasoned Service Manager in India, has been supporting customers across India and the Middle East for over five years, with a focus on dragonfly® and mosquito® liquid handling. 

firefly FSE training

This training comprised of a packed schedule and gave both Gaurav and Angelo the opportunity to get hands-on experience with firefly, learning about the intricacies of the system first-hand with SPT Labtech product experts.  

Gaurav reflects, “As a Service Manager, a lot of my time is spent travelling for on-site customer visits, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. It’s very rewarding to know that I’m helping users get the most out of their instruments to accelerate their own research goals. I work closely with research institutions where new users are joining all the time, so it’s vital that we can set them up correctly with the instrument quickly. The training is invaluable for allowing me to provide the best possible support to users.” 

For Angelo, the training was intense but enlightening. Based on the East Coast of the USA, he supports several research hubs with high demands. “It’s crucial to learn thoroughly, especially with complex instruments like firefly,” he says. “The knowledge I’ve gained here will significantly enhance the support I can offer to our customers, who are under pressure to maintain high throughput in their labs.”

firefly FSE training at SPT Labtech HQ

Shaping the future of laboratory excellence 

Our team of engineers are the ambassadors of our commitment to excellence and innovation. Their training and development are integral to our mission, ensuring every firefly unit we install meets the highest standards of reliability and efficiency for our customers. As we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities, the journey of our engineers remains central to our ethos: delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.