Experiencing work at TTP Labtech: week 2

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19 July, 2018

My name is Eleanor and this is the concluding part of my work experience blog at TTP Labtech Ltd.

I spent the majority of my second week in the chemistry lab working on a project looking at hydrophilic additives for HDPE. I was testing to see which concentration of the 2 potential additives identified by the chemistry team showed hydrophilic performance on the surface of the plastic.  I measured the contact angle using the Wilhelmy method.

In experiment two, we took the best hydrophilic concentrations from experiment one for further experiments. I dipped eight samples into each concentration, allowed them to dry, and then headed over to development to observe the performance of these additives on our coated parts. The aim of this experiment was to define which coating concentration was the most hydrophilic. I followed this experimental work up with a report to the development team so they can more accurately test the remaining parts and go from there.


working in the lab


dragonfly discovery at work

On Wednesday afternoon everyone had a demo of freezing different items with liquid nitrogen and had the chance to make ice cream– it was really “cool”!

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time here at TTP Labtech and have learned loads about the workplace and the wide variety of jobs that are available within just one organization. I now know what to expect from a working environment and have learnt valuable lessons about how to apply for a job too, when the time is right to do so!

Thank you!