Build a tube handling system that works for you in 2 easy steps


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Recognizing that laboratories have diverse requirements, we believe in abandoning a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to tube handling. As an integral part of your research, tube handling systems must be able to address your specific needs to deliver maximum value.

With our BioMicroLab XL systems, not only can you select a base unit depending on your rack capacity needs, but you have the freedom to add on modules that provide the exact functionality you need. Each module can be used for standalone tasks or as part of an integrated workflow, delivering unmatched flexibility. BioMicroLab XL tube handling sample management

Step 1: Select a base unit depending on your capacity needs

The XL units deliver your tubes exactly where you need them with a built-in pick and place functionality to sort & re-array samples as you need them. This core feature (included with all models) is central to all tube handling operations. That’s why we’ve designed the pick fingers to be easy to remove and replace. Built for speed and efficiency, the XL can sort up to 700 vials per hour. 

  • Want to work with up to 9 racks at once? Choose XL9.
  • Want to work with up to 20 racks at once? Choose XL20. 

If you need a solution with an even bigger capacity then no fear, we have you covered with our other XL solutions.  

Step 2: Configure your XL to your application choosing from modules and add-on features  

This is where you start to see the value in the XL – with flexibility that means it can step in exactly where you need it in your lab workflows. Here is a summary of all the options available to you: 

  • 2D barcode reader for sample tracking
    Decode data matrix barcodes on vials, processing up to 500 tubes per hour. Barcoded vials provide a fast and assured method of sample identification, significantly reducing errors compared to manual labeling. Coupled with our intuitive software, you can capture and report each tube’s 2D barcode, location, weight, and volume directly with your LIMS system, to provide a comprehensive workflow overview to everyone in the lab.  
  • 4-place balance for sample metadata
    Weigh up to 300 tubes per hour, compatible with samples in a variety of aqueous and organic solvents. Our integration with the Sartorius weighing module offers a 0.1 mg readability, to deliver mass output or volume detection as valuable metadata for your samples. 
  • Effortless labeling with the BioMicroLab LabelPro
    The BioMicroLab LabelPro automated labeling module easily attaches to the XL to print and apply high-resolution, durable 1D and 2D barcodes, text and symbols, to specify both fixed and dynamic data. With our user-friendly software, designing and printing uniform or custom labels is easy, saving you valuable research time. 
  • Cold room operation
    The XL series adapts to your temperature requirements, with available configurations for cold room operation. From operation as low as -10 for re-arranging tubes to -4 with the automated balance, the compact XL9 is ideal for space-constrained freezers and cold rooms. Performance remains consistent, irrespective of temperature. 
  • Safety and air quality enclosures
    Prioritize safety by adding an enclosure that automatically halts operation when opened. Clear acrylic walls offer for full visibility, and our optional HEPA filtration ensures a contamination-free environment. 


By prioritizing customization and efficiency, our automated BioMicroLab XL systems offer laboratories an unparalleled tube handling experience. Adapt, configure, and let our technology amplify your research potential. 

Looking for additional capabilities?

Our XL100 (20 racks) and XL200 (30 racks) offer additional modules delivering capping and liquid handling capabilities.