SPT Labtech 2023 Year in Review


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As we bid farewell to a remarkable year, we at SPT Labtech take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary strides we've made in 2023. It's been a year of innovation, collaboration, and advancement, marking significant milestones in our journey towards revolutionizing the life sciences. In this overview, we proudly present some of the year's highlights, showcasing how our technologies and expertise continue to shape the future of scientific research.

Some Notable Highlights

Chan Zuckerberg Webinar

On-demand Webinar: Pioneering Cell Atlas Generation with Automation

Researchers from the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in San Francisco showcased their work using our firefly® liquid handling platform to automate high-throughput scRNA-seq workflows. This innovation enables the creation of transcriptomic maps for various species, such as humans (Tabula Sapiens) and zebrafish (Zebrahub). These cell atlases offer deep insights into gene expression dynamics across diverse cell types, significantly advancing our understanding of health and disease.

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comPACT_ front angle_right_zoom_small-1comPACT® Launch

Making Automated Cold Compound Management More Accessible

This year, we introduced a new addition to our sample storage range. comPACT delivers proven SPT Labtech pneumatic technology in a smaller, more affordable design, meaning that even more labs can access the benefits of automated sample management.

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Why is firefly the liquid handling solution for LDTsfirefly for LDT

Transforming NGS-based Laboratory Developed Tests

Since its launch in February 2022, firefly has been transforming NGS library preparation through its capabilities for pipetting, dispensing, shaking and incubating. Earlier this year, we announced enhancements to firefly’s features and software to meet the demands for clinical labs offering LDTs: rapid setup, minimized downtime, and user-friendly, consistent operation.

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SLAS 2023 Highlights

Interview with Chris Waddling

In this interview, our Application Scientist Manager, Chris Waddling illuminated the synergy of mosquito® and dragonfly® automated liquid handlers in genomics research. He explained how by miniaturizing NGS methods, this dynamic duo increases throughput and reduces costs - a game-changer in the field.

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Christ Waddling_SelectScience Interview

Olink Explore Integration

Advancing Protein Biomarker Discovery with Miniaturization Technology

Our automated low-volume liquid handling technology is setting new standards in high-throughput protein biomarker discovery. Seamlessly integrating with the expansive Olink Explore platform, our instruments facilitate rapid, precise, and reliable execution of extensive proteomics studies, covering essential biological pathways.

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Our American Lab Heroes

Meet Our American Lab Heroes: Day Zero Diagnostics

We connected with Ian Herriott and Ally Brookhart from Day Zero Diagnostics, winners of our American Lab Heroes competition. In this discussion, we heard about their latest developments and celebrated their win of an apricot® S3 automated pipettor. Their innovative work exemplifies the spirit of scientific advancement and collaborative success.

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Day Zero New

As we reflect on another year, we invite you to join us in anticipating more innovations in 2024. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from SPT Labtech, as we continue to empower the scientific community with our cutting-edge automated solutions.

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