Brings together the functionality of several instruments

The apricot PP5 brings together the functionality of several pipettors into one space-saving instrument suited for both production and laboratory environments. Its accurate, reliable, and repeatable automation minimizes repetitive tasks and eliminates pipetting errors to increase productivity. The intuitive interface, compact 5 plate position automated deck, and optional active tip wash or reagent reservoir station simplify and significantly speed up multi-step liquid handling processes.

Flexible support
Flexible support

With 5 linear plate positions, and 1 tip wash/reservoir station the PP5 offers 8,12,16, 24, 96, or 384 channel pipetting and is designed for automatic 12 to 96 and 96 to 1536 reformatting.

Integration ready
Integration ready

The instrument is designed for easy integration with a range of laboratory equipment to support automated workflows.

Simple loading and unloading of tips
Simple loading and unloading of tips

The PP5 uses Apricot’s unique EZ-Load disposable tips for simple, no-pressure loading without a requirement for any tools.

Small footprint
Small footprint

The compact design conserves precious bench space and fits easily into suitably sized hoods.

Select from a range of models
Select from a range of models

Researchers can select from four models depending on the application.

Intuitive, user-friendly interface
Intuitive, user-friendly interface

The instrument is easily and intuitively controlled through a simple touchscreen tablet interface and requires minimal operator training.

apricot PP5 Models

(96 channel, 500μL pipetting core) is ideal for working with 96 channels at higher volumes. 

(96 channel, 125μL pipetting core) for working with 96 channels at lower volumes (down to 1μL).

(96 channel, 1000μL pipetting core) with extended height for working with 96 channels with tall deck accessories such as vacuum blocks, thermal shakers etc.

(384 channel, 125μL pipetting core) for working with 96, 384 or even 1536 well plates at lower volumes (down to 1μL).

apricot Liquid Handler Citations

"5/5 for easy to import, create or edit workflows/protocols. Our apricot works really well for NGS protocols. 5/5 for easy to calibrate and re-initialize. 5/5 for great after sales-care & customer services."

Stella Huang | R&D Scientist


"Amazing to see [the apricot] unboxed and contributing to more efficient NGS workflows on the same day! We’re all about that kind of turnaround…"

Sequencing Technologies Director

Day Zero Diagnostics

PhenoVista Biosciences
"The apricot is a very efficient tool for us. We work with high-throughput 384-well low-volume plates that don't leave a lot of room for error when handling. Using the apricot for media changes and other aspects of cell culture cut down our wet lab time tremendously and make our treatments much more consistent than they would be by hand. The apricot is our most heavily used piece of equipment in our lab."

Jake Buford | Assistant Lab Manager

PhenoVista Biosciences

Pandemic Response Lab
"In the start of the pandemic PP5+1 saved the day! It is easy to create reproduce-able results. I created Covid extraction protocols with this instrument “6 PP5+1” paralleling the process allowing lab staff to easily run RNA extractions and get the same results every time. With the open platform it makes it intuitive to control the throughput. It can handle higher throughput or partial allowing us to keep one instrument for all our needs." 

Samuel Gonzalez | Field Engineer

Pandemic Response Lab

    Technical Specification

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    Dimensions (W x D x H) 711mm x 483mm x 607mm
    28in x 19in x 24in
    Weight Approx. 98lbs (45kg)
    Power 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz Operating Temp 10-37º C
    50-100º F

    Product Brochure

    This 2-page product brochure provides an overview of the apricot PP5 in one easy-to-read document.

    It includes technical specifications, key features and benefits and key applications.

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    apricot tips and consumables

    Our apricot PP5 pipette tips and consumables are designed to work in perfect combination with the apricot PP5 automated pipettors. Manufactured exclusively by SPT Labtech for our apricot PP5 instruments, the apricot EZ-load and AL tips deliver optimal liquid handling precision and accuracy.

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