Simplify your first steps into automated liquid handing

The benefits of automated liquid handling are clear. Removing the burden of manual pipetting not only boosts the speed and efficiency of laboratory workflows, but also improves the accuracy and reliability of data.

Realizing these benefits doesn't need to be complicated. We've introduced our apricot S3 kickstart bundle, designed to give you all the tools you need to start your automation journey easily and with confidence. PLUS, we're delivering significant cost savings, giving you the entire bundle for the same price as an instrument alone.

Take a look inside our apricot S3 kickstart bundle:

Our most user-friendly pipettor makes automation accessible to all, delivering speedand accuracy in a ‘plug-and-play’ device operated by a visual, intuitive interface.

The most versatile solution in our portfolio, apricot S3 can perform any common liquidhandling task in the lab, including:

  • Plate filling and reagent addition, copying, reformatting, aliquoting, pooling, mixing, and serial dilutions​.

apricot boosts efficiency for labs of all sizes and throughputs, by streamlining a hugerange of applications, such as:

  • ELISAs, antibody screening, assay optimization, biochemical assays, NGS protocols, cell-based assays, compound management.

Its compact footprint maximizes precious lab space and fits easily into standardfumehoods.

Bundle flexibility: Choose from a 96 or 384-well pipetting core that best suits your application.



Receive 4 cases of pipette tips so you and your team can get hands-onwith your apricot, optimize processes, and explore its full potential.

Manufactured exclusively by SPT Labtech, our apricot S3 pipette tips deliver precision and accuracy in liquid handling, by working in perfect combination with apricot S3.

Bundle flexibility: Choose from a range of tip types depending on your application.

apricot S3 copy-1

'Best-in-Class' service and support from reliance gives you peace of mind that your apricot S3 operates at its best. Trust our expert engineers to maximize performance, reduce downtime, and secure the longevity of your instrument.

reliance boasts a global customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.

With our dedicated service package for apricot S3, reliance core essentials gives you:

  • Unlimited remote support from our team of automation experts​

  • Guaranteed initial incident response within 12 hours​

  • A new apricot S3 core delivered each year to secure the longevity of your instrument

  • Maintenance advice and discounted parts and labor as needed


Secure your productivity for 2 years: Get 1 year of reliance core essentials for free on top of the standard 1-year warranty

reliance core essentials




See what our customers have to say about their apricot liquid handler

Hoxton Farms - Pink on Black
"apricot allowed us to reduce variability in our results & reduce the technical error from repetitive manual pipetting."

We sat down with Ellie Robinson and Greg Austin, both Scientists at Hoxton Farms, to discuss how the apricot has impacted their life in the lab, as well as learn about the exciting work they have going on.

Liquid Handling
Day Zero New
"apricot S3 has accelerated our NGS library prep and this allows us to scale up our production sequencing"

We were delighted to sit down with Ian Herriott and Ally Brookhart from Day Zero Diagnostics, the winners of an apricot S3 automated pipettor as part of our American Lab Heroes competition.  

Liquid Handling

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