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Shifting the crystallography bottleneck with miniaturization and automation

In this article, Chris Waddling, head of our North American FAS Team, writes about his experience managing a core facility for crystallography prior to joining SPT Labtech and the benefits of automated and miniaturized workflows.

Working at the limits of protein crystallography

Just when you think you’ve discovered everything there is to know about a subject and there’s little left to learn or discover, something comes out of nowhere to prove you wrong! But in crystallography that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

The perfect couple for GPCR

Obtaining detailed structures of any membrane protein has been challenging. A detergent is required to extract the protein from the lipid environment which does not contribute to a favorable environment for crystallization using traditional vapor...

When not binding to a target’s binding site is better!

Most drugs bind to a target’s binding site (orthosteric binding). However, binding to a site distant from the binding site appears to have some very significant advantages over orthosteric binding, one of which is reducing off-target side-effects.

Membrane protein crystallography – is it still a fine art?

Membrane proteins serve a number of vital roles in the body, including oxygen production, transport of nutrients into cells, transport of water into and out of cells, removal of waste products, and allowing information to enter cells. Thirty percent...