Initiating, building, and growing compound management at a small biotech

Compound management is an important and vital part of any organization focused on the development of small molecules for therapeutic use. However, this critical infrastructure is often overlooked in the earliest stages of a company’s growth, which can result in significant challenges for scientists and programs as the company matures.

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About this webinar

Accent Therapeutics was founded in 2017 as a company focused on developing small molecule inhibitors targeting RNA-modifying proteins using a mixed model of internal and external scientific resources. From its initiation, Accent prioritized resources towards the development of infrastructure (personnel, instrumentation, software, and CRO partners) to support the changing compound management needs of the company as Accent grew in personnel and programs.

In this webinar, Gina Prophete, manager of sample management at Accent Therapeutics, will discuss the past and current stages of Accent’s compound management growth, as well as future plans for infrastructure improvements.

Key learning objectives
  • Understand the importance of selecting the right equipment, software, and personnel for compound management workflows for each stage of the company’s growth, while simultaneously planning for future improvements of a small compound management lab
  • Explore practical considerations and insights from experience gained in the process


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