Efficiency redefined: Navigating automated sample management for improved lab performance

While automated processes are known to reduce manual error and provide cost savings for high throughput tasks, it is important to justify a new automated process both operationally and financially. Automation in sample management comes in all different shapes, prices, sizes, and technologies that can help maximize efficiency in laboratories of all disciplines. Given the current economic climate, it is even more crucial to get the most return on investment.

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About the webinar

In this webinar, Cory Tiller, Product Manager for Sample Management at SPT Labtech will explore the different levels of automation for sample management, and will discuss the benefits of automating these processes, and how considering automation earlier can still provide scalability potential for your lab.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand and learn how to identify the common pain points in sample storage workflows
  • Find out what to consider when automating your sample storage processes
  • Discover how different levels of automated storage can be used to meet specific laboratory needs
  • Explore a cost analysis for different automated sample management approaches

Who should attend?

  • Researchers and scientists looking to learn how automated sample management provides a cost-effective way to improve lab efficiency.
  • Lab managers looking to implement an automated sample storage solution that delivers return on investment.


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