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Whatever your application, there's a flexible apricot liquid handling instrument to suit your lab's budget and needs.

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Reliable liquid handling for every lab

Empower your lab staff when copying, mixing, pooling, aliquoting, and preparing multi-step assays and serial dilutions.

Accurate pipetting

apricot instrumentation provides accurate, precise and intuitive automated pipetting technology for convenient general use across your entire team.


Easy-to-use software

Intuitive software that requires no previous automation experience. Powered from a PC or touchscreen interface depending on the instrument.


Compatible with your labware

Compatible with a wide range of labware to support many different applications, including 96/384 well plates, PCR plates and deep well blocks, microcentrifuge tubes (1.5/2.0/5.0 mL), PCR tubes and PCR tube strips, and liquid reservoirs.


EZ-Load tip technology

EZ-Load technology simplifies semi-automated pipetting with disposable tips without the need for any additional tools or fixtures for loading or unloading.

apricot s1 creative shot

Seamless API integration

Seamless API allows you to integrate with third-party robotics.


Small benchtop footprint

Small footprint designs allow laboratories to maximize available space without compromising on pipetting performance.



See what our customers have to say about their apricot liquid handler

Hoxton Farms - Pink on Black
"apricot allowed us to reduce variability in our results & reduce the technical error from repetitive manual pipetting."

We sat down with Ellie Robinson and Greg Austin, both Scientists at Hoxton Farms, to discuss how the apricot has impacted their life in the lab, as well as learn about the exciting work they have going on.

Liquid Handling
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Automating common pipetting tasks with apricot caquickly lead to significant efficiency and productivity gainsThat's why we're committed to making this transformation accessible to every lab. 

Day Zero New
"apricot S3 has accelerated our NGS library prep and this allows us to scale up our production sequencing"

We were delighted to sit down with Ian Herriott and Ally Brookhart from Day Zero Diagnostics, the winners of an apricot S3 automated pipettor as part of our American Lab Heroes competition.  

Liquid Handling
"...These instruments grant researchers manual control over each stage of the pipetting process, simplifying error recovery compared to fully automated liquid-handlers. We primarily use the 384-channel heads, which not only enhance precision in comparison to multichannel hand-pipetting but also yield more uniform plates, thereby mitigating potential plate-effect related issues in our assays. They are super easy to use and cost effective, they became so popular we had to order 2 more...

Jeff Heard

Eurofins Beacon Discovery

The apricot S3 delivered high level of precision and accuracy in pipetting when we had it for the demo, the %CV was around 1.5%. It's nice to have a instrument that can pipette 0.5 uL to 125 uL in one pipette tray, which greatly facilitates our workflow. It is very easy to use and methods are easily written.

Zachary Nguyen

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

5/5 easy to import, create or edit workflows / protocols. Our apricot S3 works really well for NGS protocols. 5/5 easy to calibrate and re-initialize. 5/5 great after sales care & customer services. We really appreciate your help for troubleshooting and technical training. Overall, we are very satisfied with our apricot S3. It did make everyone's life easier in the lab. 

Stella Huang


The apricot s3 serves as an easy-to-use machine for bridging our laboratory into assay automation. It's simple to program, flexible for liquid handling applications, and has great customer service when facing any difficulties.

Bryce McCarthy

Kymera Therapeutics

User friendly software. Easy to do quick setup but also offers many different functions and options for more extensive assays. Reproducibility was very good in a time-saving manner. Instrument allows for mid to high throughput assays.

Ian Hammond-Martel

Paraza Pharma

We own S1 and S3 models of apricot. GUI is user friendly with various depth/height/side-touch functions and extra physical button of aspirate and dispense on S1 model makes liquid handling process even easier. With precise apricot heads and reusable 384-well tip blocks, S models make liquid handling easy and cost-effective for repetitive use in research field. Removable tips in tip block gives option of choosing which wells to dispense to. SPT Labtech has continued to provide excellent customer service for all our apricot instruments.

Hiten Patel

Eurofins Beacon Discovery

The S range pipettors are easy and simple to use. It is an indispensable instrument for our high precision assays

Edward P. Amento

Molecular Medicine Research Institute

    Choose the right apricot for you

    apricot instrumentation provides accurate, precise and intuitive automated pipetting technology for convenient general use across your entire team. The small footprint designs allow laboratories to maximize available space without compromising on pipetting performance.

    apricot S3

    The automated split-level plate elevators for plate sampling enable researchers to simply raise or lower plate/reservoir to a programmable height. An interchangeable pipetting core provides flexibility to choose from a 96 or 384 core to determine the configuration most suitable for a given application.

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    apricot S1

    The multi-channel liquid handling system with convenient interchangeable pipetting core enables researchers to pipette into all wells of a 96-well plate with an S-Pipette 96 core, or 384-well plate with S-Pipette 384 core.

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    apricot DC1

    The dual high-volume and low-volume pipetting cores enable highly accurate pipetting across the 1-1000μL volume range. Automatic and flexible tip loading mechanism gives the user the choice of pipetting with single pipette tips, a column of 8 pipette tips or even a row of 12 pipette tips for versatile pipette steps.

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    lh021-pp5 (1)

    apricot PP5

    The 5 linear plate positions and 1 tip wash/reservoir station of the PP5 offer 8,12,16, 24, 96, or 384 channel pipetting and is designed for automatic 12 to 96 and 96 to 1536 reformatting.

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