Screen optimization

Optimizing protein crystallization hits to improve diffraction can be very time-consuming. Automating the preparation of complex gradients from stock solutions saves time, improves repeatability and increases the output of high resolution structures.

microscopic view of crystal structures

Optimal conditions for crystal formation

Identifying optimal conditions i.e. temperature, pH range, precipitants and concentration range of the buffer can prove to be a costly and time-consuming process requiring the set-up of multiple studies to analyze each individual parameter.

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dragonfly crystal plate

Save time and tedium

dragonfly crystal® ensures accurate and repeatable results with its novel dispensing technology and intuitive software. Meaning rapid non-contact tips dispense any volume into any well without cross-contamination and avoiding tedious repetition.

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University of Southern California

I am always very cautious using multi-channel pipettes to mount precipitation plates for optimization screen and I try to make sure they are well calibrated. However, precise pipetting with viscous reagent like PEG is painful and not very accurate in reality. Indeed, reproducible optimization plate is invaluable especially when you need it close to the synchrotron beam time! I find it very reproducible, easy to use and reliable. No problem at all even to dispense PEG400.

Dr. Martin Audet, Postdoctoral Research Associate

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The University of California, San Francisco, USA

The ten head system allows us to set up complex crystal screens in a fraction of the time that it took on our old instruments or by hand. Furthermore, the ability to set up a single plate over a deep well block saves not only time, but also reagents and costs. The ease of use of the dragonfly designer software to customize our screens in a matter of minutes without dealing with complicated spreadsheets makes it simple for new users to become proficient over a short period of time. We highly recommend the dragonfly as a necessary component to any lab.

Crystallography Facility Manager

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University of Cambridge

I am using dragonfly for setting up crystallization condition optimization from stock, robot made my life much easier and speeded up my experiments for about two months! Effectiveness - splendid. Robot enabled high quality results to appear sooner than expected. Very straightforward and intuitive to use. I would completely recommend this product to anyone who is optimizing crystallization condition.

Dr. Michal Blaszczyk, Lab Manager

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