Rapid and accurate preparation of complex crystallization gradients and optimization screens

dragonfly crystal focuses specifically on protein crystal optimization, enabling rapid and accurate preparation of complex crystallization gradients or optimization screen, even with viscous liquids, while eliminating cross-contamination. dragonfly partners seamlessly with mosquito in the protein crystallization screening workflow, streamlining the cycle between initial ‘hit’ identification and high resolution diffracting crystals.

Faster optimization of crystal hits
Faster optimization of crystal hits

Optimizing protein crystallization hits to improve diffraction can be laborious with traditional methods. dragonfly crystal delivers fast performance even at high viscosity, saving valuable research time.

Enhanced repeatability
Enhanced repeatability

dragonfly crystal’s automation capabilities enable crystallographers to recall, refine and repeat screens easily, freeing up research capacity for high value scientific tasks.

Walk up and use technology
Walk up and use technology

The dragonfly design and dispense software allows researchers to design remotely and be ready to go in minutes. Straightforward to set up and operate, the dragonfly crystal requires only minimal training, enabling even novice users to get up and running quickly.

True positive displacement pipetting delivers exceptional accuracy
True positive displacement pipetting delivers exceptional accuracy

Harnessing innovative positive displacement pipetting, dragonfly crystal ® uses disposable pipettes with individual pistons to deliver exceptional accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class.

Minimize stock consumption while maximizing output
Minimize stock consumption while maximizing output

With low dead volumes, dragonfly crystal ® allows laboratories to minimize stock consumption and do more, with less. With dragonfly, researchers can combine a wide range of stocks, of any viscosity, into complex gradients and generate higher quality crystals.

Robust day-to-day operation
Robust day-to-day operation

The dragonfly crystal has a track record of robust performance with no blocking or clogging, maximizing uptime and safeguarding critical research outcomes.

We’re revolutionizing liquid handling

dragonfly enables accurate and repeatable nanolitre to milliliter dispensing, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

High performance technology

Our liquid handling instruments harness innovative technology to streamline workflows and accelerate research.

Robust, reliable, and easy to use, our products overcome tough technical challenges and enable researchers to focus on the best science.

True positive displacement pipetting

Our true positive displacement syringes are controlled by independent dispense heads located inside the instrument.

Key features:

  • 200 nL – 4 mL dispense range​
  • liquid class agnostic, with no calibration requirement​
  • non-contact dispensing, for minimal syringe consumption​
  • no cleaning or maintenance requirement​
  • zero chance of blocking or clogging
Combines usability and functionality
  • Highly visual, easy to use UI​
  • Flexible sequencing of liquid additions​
  • Automation of time point experiments, allowing for maximum walk-away time​
  • Saving and loading of full experiment setup data, for full reproducibility​


The dragonfly designer software is a complementary software package designed to specifically meet the needs of scientists:

  • Intuitive definition of multiple concentration gradients, both linear and high dynamic range n-fold
  • Database of common stocks and reagents used in protein crystallization
  • Calculation of all well dispense volumes, as well as overall reagent requirements​
  • Open source .CSV file output that loads directly into the dragonfly software package​
Integration to enhance protein crystallization screening workflows

SPT Labtech’s complementary MX one mixer enhances protein crystallization screening by allowing researchers to mix any liquid in small wells with no risk of spillage.

The centrifugal forces generated in conventional plate shakers mean that the mixing speed must be limited to avoid liquid spilling from wells. The MX one keeps the plate stationary, allowing for extremely fast mixing of even the most viscous solutions using high-speed oscillation of a disposable pin array.

Technical specification

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Pipetting range 0.5 μL - 4 mL Throughput 4-6 ingredients in 96-well plate in 4-8 minutes, irrespective of viscosity
Primary SBS plate formats 15, 24 (SBS and Linbro), 48, 96 and 384 Accessories MX one in-well mixer, 24 well plate adaptor
Weight 38 kg/ 83.7 lbs (5-head version)
50 kg/ 110 lbs (10-head version)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 575 mm x 600 mm x 645 mm
2.6 in x 23.6 in x 25.3 in
Technical variants 5 or 10 head versions available

What our customers say about dragonfly crystal

The Dragonfly has rapidly become an ESSENTIAL tool that significantly streamlines structure determination! Screens that used to take hours to prepare can now be made in under 10 minutes using the user-friendly software and intuitive design of the instrument. Amazingly, the 10-heads are more than sufficient to create screens ranging in complexity from simple x,y gradients to multi-zone optimization. With virtually no dead volume and the fact that you are aliquoting directly into the crystallization tray, the Dragonfly can conserve on those expensive chemicals and rapidly produces a crystallization tray ready for the crystallization robot. The Dragonfly makes optimization of lead conditions a breeze and alleviates the crystallization bottleneck, allowing you to focus more on the science of the target than on the pursuit of crystals.

Nicholas Noinaj

Purdue University

The best!! Easy to use. Fully automated and results come out great.

Venkata Dandey

New York Structual Biology

The device is very easy to use; the software has a simple interface that is straightforward for new users. Liquid dispensing seems to be quite accurate even for very viscous materials.

Andrii Ishchenko

University of Southern California

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