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Complete versatility to achieve maximum lab efficiency in genomics research 

firefly+ expands on the current liquid handling capabilities of firefly with an integrated thermocycler and additional labware capability, all while maintaining our commitment to usability and compact design. firefly+ grants genomics researchers the ability to run completely automated NGS library preparation, giving even more time for critical thinking tasks like data analysis and experiment design. 

Run complete NGS and PCR workflows hands-free
Run complete NGS and PCR workflows hands-free

Transfer between all functionalities is performed automatically with the in-built pick and place robot. No manual intervention is needed from scientists to run complete genomics workflows.  

Freedom and efficiency in the lab
Freedom and efficiency in the lab

Retain access to the full range of liquid handling capabilities while the thermocycler is in operation. Use firefly+ as you need it to meet your specific challenges and throughput requirements.

The gold standard for automated thermocycling
The gold standard for automated thermocycling

firefly+ incorporates the Inheco ODTC® which delivers fast, uniform and precise heating across every plate.

Perform larger scale experiments with added labware capacity
Perform larger scale experiments with added labware capacity

firefly+ expands on the existing firefly deck capacity. Hold up to 15 additional tip boxes and 9 plates or lids at once with the added shelving space.

Densely packed functionality in a compact design
Densely packed functionality in a compact design

firefly retains its signature compact benchtop footprint. The addition of the firefly+ module takes the total width to just over 1 meter.

Intuitive operation
Intuitive operation

firefly+ integrates seamlessly with the base firefly unit and is operated using firefly’s robust and user-friendly software, enabling simple protocol development and execution.

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“With this newest development, we’ve added even more functionality whilst retaining firefly’s signature compact footprint, so labs don’t need to sacrifice premium lab space to achieve complete end-to-end automation. The operational versatility of firefly+ supports labs of all sizes, applications and throughput requirements. We’re providing genomics scientists with the freedom and tools to reach maximum efficiency.” 

Paul Lomax, Head of Genomics at SPT Labtech

Technical Specification

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Capacity 15 x large shelves (max. labware height 60mm)

9 x small shelves (max. labware height 16mm)
Consumables compatibility SLAS/ANSI (SBS) labware within height limits of shelves

Skirted PCR plates required for gripper and Inheco Thermal Cycler
Accessories Inheco On Deck Thermal Cycler in 96- or 384-well format (chosen at time of ordering) Gripper module Transfers labware between storage shelves and firefly
User interface Controlled via firefly visual user interface

Offline programming enabled

Cloud-based protocol transfer and sharing
Safety Fully enclosed with user protection systems
(W x D x H)
1090.5 mm x 570 mm x 800 mm
(total base unit with firefly+)

The Inheco ODTC control box can sit adjacent to or above/below the system, and can be placed horizontally or vertically (256.5mm x 414.5mm x 58mm)
Weight 170 kg
(total base unit with firefly+)
Power requirements 2 x 100-230V/50-60Hz (standard power connections)

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Our all-in-one liquid handling platform is shaping the future genomics, delivering all the tools you need for enhanced NGS library preparation in a compact benchtop design.

Now bolstered by an on-deck thermocycler and additional labware capability with firefly+, see how you can achieve complete end-to-end automation and maximize your efficiency in the lab.

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