The transition to automated library prep for enhanced pathogen surveillance workflows

Watch the webinar recording below.


Environmental monitoring requires scalable sequencing capabilities to enable communities to make important decisions surrounding public health. Data generated from these localized population studies also helps build phylogenetic trees that further our understanding of infectious disease transmission.

In this webinar, Krystal Sheridan, from the Translational Genomics Research Institute, will discuss the institute’s path in automating sequencing workflows using the firefly and Watchmaker DNA Library Prep Kit with Fragmentation to meet the needs of Arizona’s first statewide invasive group A strep surveillance project. Her talk will review the reason behind their decision to automate, the practical considerations and insights learned from their process optimizations, and their approach to kit selection in ultimately building out their WGS workflow.

Key learning points: 

  • Learn about the Group A strep surveillance project, data generated, and community impact
  • Reasons, including practical considerations, behind their decision to automate
  • Insights and outcomes from their process optimization in the lab
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