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See the future of NGS library prep

See data generated from firefly®, the next-generation liquid handling platform for genomics.

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About this webinar recording

Dr. Anita Pearson, Applications Development Scientist, brings data generated from firefly®, the next-generation liquid handling platform for genomics.

The novel firefly platform combines multiple technologies within a single compact unit to offer flexibility and ease-of-use. Its combination of innovative pipetting and non-contact dispensing technologies (alongside incubation, shaking, and magnetic bead manipulation) enables greater levels of efficiency in protocols – reducing consumable consumption and allowing for an optional miniaturization of volumes to lower the cost per sample.

In this webinar, our speakers will demonstrate firefly's performance across a range of liquids commonly found in library preparation methods, from aqueous DNA to viscous enzymatic reagents and beads.

Learn more about:

  • The approach we have taken to developing methods on firefly to save you time and give you confidence when running your applications 
  • firefly's QC data, which shows you the quality of the libraries you can generate 
  • Automating your plate normalizations, so you can normalize a plate of 96 samples in under 5 minutes 

You will also get an overview of:

  • firefly: the next generation liquid handler and its key features.
  • The DNA fragment analysis data that demonstrates firefly's successful automation of bead-based DNA purification with consistent fragment sizes across a 96-well plate.
  • How the firefly pipetting and dispensing heads can be used together to execute a library preparation workflow, with QC data showing the successful generation of functional library molecules.
  • The firefly software: a demonstration of its ease-of-use, which makes firefly a highly accessible platform for any user, not just automation experts.
  • firefly's novel cloud-based sharing functionality, enabling greater levels of collaboration between users globally to accelerate research goals.