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SLAS Europe 2023 is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to once again be joining other leaders in the technology and life sciences sectors as we collaborate to transform research. This time we're heading to Brussels where the theme will be 'Science set in Motion' - a topic that aligns well with our personal mission to accelerate improvements in human health outcomes.

At SPT Labtech, we truly believe in the power of automation to allow you to work more effectively and productively in the lab. We're looking forward to sharing with you our suite of automated solutions from liquid handling to sample management, and sharing insights from our team of expert scientists and engineers.

"We're thrilled to once again be joining the life sciences community at SLAS Europe." said David Newble, CEO of SPT Labtech. "Our mission is to empower scientists to perform their best work, and we hope that our innovative solutions and expertise will be a valuable resource for attendees at this year's event."

This event is always a special one in our calendar. It gives us a fantastic opportunity to meet with other like-minded scientists and innovators, to share insights, showcase new technologies and catch up on the latest industry developments.

One of the main highlights of our exhibit at SLAS Brussels 2023 is firefly®, our revolutionary all-in-one genomics liquid handling platform. firefly brings together the best of SPT Labtech technology for pipetting, dispensing, incubating and shaking in a single compact design, so you can maximize your output while preserving precious laboratory space. Underpinned by powerful, intuitive software, firefly unlocks the potential of automation for all to streamline NGS library prep and accelerate genomic research.

Want to learn more about what we have planned at SLAS Europe 2023? Then keep reading!

Some of the exciting products we'll be showcasing
apricot-S3_center_bannerOur apricot S3 liquid handler is our most versatile solution, offering robust, high-performance pipetting for most common laboratory tasks. Operated by a simple and intuitive interface, apricot makes automation accessible to all.

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The combination of our mosquito® for highly accurate positive displacement pipetting and dragonfly® discovery's non-contact, nanoliter-to-milliliter dispensing offers proven miniaturization workflows for a growing list of over 40 NGS methods.


Our flexible and user-friendly BioMicroLab sample management solutions provide essential tools to all laboratories, from automating individual tasks to entire workflows. Whether it's tube handling, scanning, labelling, or de-capping – let us know how we can help you accelerate your workflow.

Be sure visit booth #710 and find out more about our full portfolio – from genomics and drug discovery to automated sample management. The team will be happy to walk you through any of our products and answer your questions.

Paul Lomax, Head of Genomics, SPT Labtech

Tutorial Session

"Fast and reliable automation of the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA library prep kit for Illumina with firefly®"

In addition to showcasing our cutting-edge, our Head of Genomics Paul Lomax will also be hosting an educational tutorial.

  • Learn how to scale and automate library preparation while maintaining data quality 
  • Hear a real-life case study of our collaboration with a UK University core facility 
  • Discover how to accelerate genomics workflows with firefly 
Thursday 24 May
12:45pm - 1:30pm
Room 324
Paul will be on hand to answer all your questions around firefly throughout the event, but if you'd like a sneak peak of the upcoming session, you can have a look at it here:

BioMicroLab® Scan

Our brand new user-friendly barcode reader brings the latest camera technology and software to the widest range of customer labware.

Speak to our team at booth #710 to enter - good luck!

Explore BioMicroLab Scan
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