Liquid handling for sitting drop creation

Fast and repeatable sitting drop crystallization, combining experimental flexibility with perfect drop placement.

Pink sitting drops on an IQ plate

Standard vapor diffusion

Using mosquito crystal® for setting up vapor diffusion techniques has distinct advantages in multiple user research laboratories and academic groups, as both set-ups are easily automated without the need for changes in instrument configuration.

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Microbatch screen set-up

The multi-aspirate, dispense and drop mixing capabilities of mosquito crystal are perfect for microbatch set up. These enable both protein and screen solutions to be aspirated consecutively within the same tip and then be pipetted directly through oil to ensure that screen and protein drops always combine.

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crystal after seeding with cat whisker


Seeding or micro matrix seeding (MMS) is a well-established method used to improve the quality and reproducibility of protein crystals. mosquito's plate set-up time is less than 3 minutes to create multiple aspirations before pipetting to ensure that no protein or seed stock is wasted.

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Protein ligand structure

Additive screening

mosquito's unique true positive displacement pipettes combined with its multi-aspirate function allows users to access volumes down to 10 nL. Not only does this save on precious ligands/compounds, the contact dispensing ensures precise placement within the crystallization drops.

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Crystal soaking

Soaking protein crystals with ligands is the fastest route to produce high-throughput structures for fragment based drug discovery. mosquito can be used to prepare small soaking drops of DMSO based fragment libraries directly from stock plates.

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3D image of molecular structure


By maintaining a cold environment and pre-chilling the sample holder block it is possible to use mosquito crystal to accurately and easily pipette the bicelle solution, thereby facilitating the automation of screening for this lipidic based technique of membrane protein crystallization.

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San Diego State University, USA

Excellent liquid handling for setting up sitting drop crystallography experiments. It was fast! We set up over 4000 experiments with 8 proteins in only 6 hours. I had 27 ‘hits’ for crystallography conditions out of 480 mother liquor conditions.

Dr. James Caldwell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK

In our lab, the mosquito crystal is invaluable for crystallography, but is also used outside crystallography where small volume liquid handling is required.

Dr. David Hargreaves, Associate Principal Scientist

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ESRF - The European Synchrotron

The mosquito instrument is the iPad of robotic. In a few words, it is really easy to use and program, fast to perform tasks and don't require a lot of maintenance (robust). It's the perfect instrument for doing high throughput screening of crystallization conditions. It will perfectly integrate in lab environment since it just requires a bench and a power point.

Dr. Guillaume Gotthard, Postdoctoral Researcher

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Liquid handling essentials for enhanced membrane protein crystallization
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