Liquid handling for hanging drop creation

Fast and repeatable hanging drop protein crystallization, combining experimental flexibility with perfect drop placement.

hanging drops on a plate

Standard vapor diffusion

mosquito® can automatically ‘mirror’ drops of crystal screen on a plate seal, so that when the seal is inverted over the plate, the drops match the screen wells. Precision placement and accurate pipetting mean that drop volumes can be miniaturized without the risk of the different components coinciding. Up to three drops can be created in each well of a 96-well microplate, allowing you to test up to 288 different conditions per plate.

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crystal after seeding with cat whisker


mosquito enables easy addition of extremely low volumes of seed stock and screen solution to the protein drop to enable rapid elucidation of ideal scale-up conditions. mosquito’s ability to multi-aspirate not only provides “in tip” mixing but also gives additional benefits by reducing the minimum dispense volume from 25 nL to 10 nL. Its use of disposable positive displacement tips means that they will never clog when handling the seed stock ‘paste’.

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Protein ligand structure

Additive screening

mosquito's unique true positive displacement pipettes combined with its multi-aspirate function allows users to access volumes down to 10 nL. Not only does this save on precious ligands/compounds, the contact dispensing ensures precise placement within the crystallization drops.

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3D image of molecular structure


By maintaining a cold environment and pre-chilling the sample holder block it is possible to use mosquito crystal® to accurately and easily pipette the bicelle solution, thereby facilitating the automation of screening for this lipidic based technique of membrane protein crystallization.

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University of Regensburg, Germany

The mosquito LCP (SPT Labtech) is very easy to use and user friendly. It is faster and reliable, less maintenance is required. It works like a charm. I am very glad that I bought it for our crystallization lab, especially working with membrane proteins one cannot miss it for LCP setups. It is also very useful for seeding techniques as well

Dr. Chitra Rajendran, Group Leader

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San Diego State University, USA

Excellent liquid handling for setting up sitting drop crystallography experiments. It was fast! We set up over 4000 experiments with 8 proteins in only 6 hours. I had 27 ‘hits’ for crystallography conditions out of 480 mother liquor conditions.

Dr. James Caldwell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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The Institute of Genetics and of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Strasbourg, France

SPT Labtech’s mosquito is working well, we have set up a bit over 500 plates since it was installed, and we have had a lot of success with seeding.

Dr. Alastair McEwen, Research Engineer

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Liquid handling essentials for enhanced membrane protein crystallization
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