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Integrated volume verification: Providing a safety net for your liquid handling workflows

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About this webinar

While today’s liquid handling instruments provide robust and reliable volume dispensing, given the importance of data integrity, we still see cases where workflows are interrupted to validate methods. It is also not uncommon for laboratory workers to rely on visual or hand inspection to perform invasive volume verification, which drains precious resources and is prone to error.

Integrating an automated volume verification instrument can prove invaluable to performing non-invasive daily or less frequent checks across a range of workflows, bolstering laboratory productivity and providing confidence in the data integrity.

Join this webinar to learn how to improve your liquid handling quality control processes with automated volume detection and discover:

  • How to avoid routinely shutting down your workflows to perform validations
  • How to simplify quality control tasks for assay plate preparation and sample library
  • An integrated solution from SPT Labtech’s dragonfly® discovery and the BioMicroLab VC384