Flexible, affordable and secure -20°C or -80°C automated sample store

arktic provides a flexible, affordable and secure  -20°C or -80°C automated storage to meet growing research demand for increasing volumes of biological samples. Its user-friendly, vending machine style design allows for efficient management and retrieval of 2D barcoded samples, eliminating the need for inefficient manual searching. The high storage density and compact footprint allows facilities to minimize overheads and assure sample integrity, while the innovative pneumatic technology facilitates seamless onward transport of specimens to optimize workflows.

Automated biostorage boosts productivity
Automated biostorage boosts productivity

Automated cherry-picking saves facilities hours of highly qualified researcher and technician time in comparison to manual searching, dramatically increasing productivity. With a single arktic typically replacing two to three manual freezers, facilities can improve cost-efficiency and benefit from significant workflow improvements.

Secure -80°C storage protects precious samples and preserves research integrity
Secure -80°C storage protects precious samples and preserves research integrity
The system offers extensive monitoring and fail safe back-up systems to ensure that the correct conditions are maintained throughout the life of the sample while robust tracking ensures that no specimen is mislaid.


Vending machine style design enables convenient sample retrieval
Vending machine style design enables convenient sample retrieval

The user-friendly and convenient design with intuitive touch screen interface enables easy and secure access to samples. The ability to only retrieve requested specimens avoids unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles and maintains full sample integrity.

Exceptional storage density compared to equivalent systems
Exceptional storage density compared to equivalent systems

High storage density optimizes capacity, allowing biostorage facilities to capitalize on available space and proactively control overheads, maintain low running costs and maximize return on investment.

Novel pneumatic technology assures reliability and streamlines workflows
Novel pneumatic technology assures reliability and streamlines workflows

The innovative pneumatic technology uses a cushion of compressed air and a system of flexible tubes to transport samples.  All mechanical robotic elements remain outside the cold environment to ensure reliable operation even at -80°C.  Harnessing pneumatic power enables fast cherry picking of samples and seamless onward transportation to remote locations.

Designed for compatibility
Designed for compatibility

arktic offers wide ranging labware compatibility enabling application-led choice and seamless integration with LIMS and automated sample processing workflows.

Technical Specification

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Input & output format 96-position SBS racks with 2D barcoded tubes Storage conditions Dry air, hermetically sealed, temperature of -80°C or -20°C for main store and -20°C for input/ output area.
Approximate dimensions (W x D x H) 1400mm x 800mm x 198mm
55.12in wide x 31.5in deep x 78in high
User interface Simple UI at local console
Capacity & throughput Up to 139,000 2D barcoded tubes. Single tubes can be accessed in as little as 15 seconds.

arktic ROI Calculator

Use this tool to compare the true costs of manual -80 sample storage with the SPT Labtech arktic automated sample store over a 10 year period.

This calculator compares a comprehensive range of cost factors to determine if switching to arktic from manual storage could be cost-effective.

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What our customers say about arktic

No more rooting through -80 freezers with partially filled, poorly labelled boxes.

Ease of use is exceptional. Users can log in remotely to request samples and retrieve when order is ready. Depending on vial size chosen, storage capacity is massive. At 300 μL vial size, we can store upwards of 140,000 samples. The arktic changed our lives. Collections are organized, clearly labelled, compactly stored and easily managed.

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