TTP Labtech launches dedicated instrument for lipidic cubic phase screening


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New mosquito® LCP ensures crystallography set-up is fast, cost effective and effortless

TTP LabTech are today pleased to announce the launch of mosquito® LCP. Developed in collaboration with senior researchers from the MRC, UK (Gebhard Schertler and Pat Edwards), this instrument facilitates the automation and increased throughput of lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallization set-ups. This novel automation system enables LCP screening to be performed accurately and with ease.

The LCP technique for crystallizing membrane proteins can be difficult and time-consuming to set up by hand as it utilizes highly viscous lipid mesophases to reconstitute proteins. TTP LabTech has overcome these problems with mosquito LCP, a dedicated pipetting instrument for automated LCP screening set-up. This new product boasts the full functionality of the renowned mosquito product, whilst incorporating technical innovations specific for LCP techniques.
Using a positive displacement syringe with automated tip positioning, mosquito LCP provides accurate and repeatable dispensing of the LCP drops. The precise positioning of the LCP material also facilitates automated imaging of membrane protein crystals in a range of high density plate types.  mosquito LCP provides significant benefits over manual processes due to the use of its unique disposable tip technology. For the precipitant additions step, this not only guarantees zero cross-contamination, but negates the need for time-consuming tip washing. Subsequently, high throughput rates of more than eight 96-well plates per hour are easily achieved and evaporation of the dispensed LCP is minimized.

‘The mosquito is already being used extensively for automated, high throughput protein crystallization in sitting drop, hanging drop and micro batch applications,’ commented Gebhard Schertler from the MRC ‘This new instrument now extends the applications of the mosquito to the LCP technique. The mosquito LCP will be an invaluable addition to any membrane protein crystallization laboratory.’