Pneumatic transport re-imagined into a cutting edge pharmaceutical research and development tool

Systems to sort, store and deliver your samples.

Pneumatic technology – A breath of fresh air for sample transport

For centuries compressed air has been used as a motive force. Being low cost, efficient, safe and clean makes it ideal for modern laboratory automation. SPT Labtech Ltd. has embraced pneumatic power in its technologically advanced products for many years. We are proud of our alternative solutions to engineering challenges using pneumatics.

Fast, long distance, flexible, robust and highly configurable products powered by this innovative technology

With two decades of expertise transporting microtubes using pneumatic technology, we  offer solutions to deliver between labs, analytical suites and even across sites covering several hundred meters. Our innovative technologies will deliver unrivaled reliability and efficiency you can depend upon.

lab2lab: building-wide automation using pneumatic transport

lab2lab is a building-wide microtube transport and instrument control system. Scientists use it to send samples for automated analysis on Agilent, Bruker and Waters instruments. lab2lab offers numerous advantages over a conventional Open Access.

lab2lab: building 2 building image

building2building: site-wide sample transportation

building2building is an independently controlled microtube transfer system. A building2building system comprises a pair of transceiver units connected by a transport pipe. Each transceiver also has as an external transport pipe leading to either a lab2lab sender, collection station or router. Distances between transceivers can be up to 1000 meters.

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Powered by pneumatics, an ecosystem that delivers!

forget about the instrument, focus on the science

one common interface for all analytical instrumentation

increased laboratory productivity

maximizes utilization of analytical equipment

reduces errors and improves reliability

safe and secure deterministic transport with point to point delivery

unlimited possibilities for future proofing your investment

flexible transport and integration ecosystem

scaleable, low cost implementation with fast payback

low energy consumption and running costs

faster and more accurate results than ever before

reliable technology re-imagined


Other innovative sample management solutions powered by pneumatic tube transport include:

  • comPOUND®
  • arktic®
  • arktic® XC 
  • lab2lab connect
  • lab2lab connectXC
comPOUND tubes stored in carousel image

Pneumatic tube transport provides flexible solutions to development and manufacturing applications

Development and manufacturing applications that require transportation, analysis or storage of small fluid samples can benefit from the lab2lab ecosystem and technology. Many workflows require an automated, reliable, low cost, small footprint solution to store and retrieve valuable stocks. For example, this technology has been utilized to deliver precious blood and antibody samples from a storage system to a substrate print line. Find out more about how we collaborate with users to identify the perfect solution to their challenges here.

Featured applications

Secure management of your most valuable assets

Compound management is at the heart of successful drug discovery. Storage of samples at the correct temperature and conditions is vital along with the ability to meet the ever increasing demands of screening. With our range of scalable solutions, we meet your needs today and tomorrow.
Small molecule image
Small molecule image

Driving efficiency within the medicinal chemistry workflow

The continuous cycle of synthesis and analysis is a well known bottleneck in the drug discovery process. Working with leading pharmaceutical companies, we have developed ground breaking technologies that will revolutionize the creation and analysis of novel chemical entities to accelerate drug discovery.
Medicinal chemistry image
Medicinal chemistry image

Automated on-line analysis

Simple registration and sending of samples for analysis, lab2lab enables greater time and space efficiency for synthetic chemistry laboratories, giving chemists access to a full range of analytical data directly from their bench. Samples can be registered, methods selected and then sent to a suite of centralized analytical equipment such as LC/MS or NMR, that can be located elsewhere on the site. Results are returned and data placed directly into Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) faster than is typically achieved with equipment directly in the laboratory.
lab2lab reciever image
lab2lab reciever image

A biobank is only as good as its samples

The preservation of high quality samples for tens of years is fundamental to a successful biobank. Biobanks need to offer researchers high quality samples through optimal processing, preservation and storage in the correct conditions for the sample type and maintain these conditions for the lifetime of the sample.
Samples freezer
Samples freezer
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