SPT Labtech supports life sciences startup growth by joining forces with BioLabs


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SPT Labtech supports life sciences startup growth by joining forces with BioLabs
Startups will have access to dragonfly® discovery and apricot® S3 liquid handling technology to accelerate research outcomes.

Cambridge, UK, 23 April 2024 SPT Labtech, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, is pleased to announce a partnership with BioLabs, the global innovation support platform. As part of this partnership, SPT Labtech will install dragonfly discovery and apricot S3 automated liquid handlers in both the San Diego and New York BioLabs locations, providing emerging life sciences companies with open access to SPT Labtech’s cutting-edge technology.

S3 in Biolabs

dragonfly-discovery-leftThe introduction of dragonfly discovery and apricot S3 will offer access to advanced liquid handling technology that may otherwise be beyond the reach of early-stage startup labs with limited budgets. Automation delivers unparalleled precision and accuracy in pipetting and dispensing tasks, thereby enhancing reproducibility, while streamlining workflows and reducing the risk of human error and operational bottlenecks that often occur during manual processes. With the ability to access this technology early, BioLabs’ Resident startups will be able to avoid the pitfalls of manual liquid handling and accelerate their research with the power of automation.

BioLabs is dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery and fostering entrepreneurship in the life sciences worldwide. Biolabs’ innovation support platform provides entrepreneurs from across the life sciences, with access to state-of-the art lab equipment, comprehensive operational support and access to streamlined administrative processes – allowing scientist-entrepreneurs to focus on innovation, not operations. By cultivating collaborative communities of fellow scientists, entrepreneurs, and biotech industry stakeholders, BioLabs offers Resident startups access to a wide range of programming, networking opportunities and connections to a global network of peers, potential customers, collaborators, and capital partners – fostering collaboration to accelerate cutting-edge innovation.

“This partnership marks a significant commitment from SPT Labtech to support BioLabs’ mission to accelerate scientific innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences sector, by removing the barriers to automation,” says Graeme Smethurst, Head of Corporate Development at SPT Labtech. “We are honored to play a part in creating a thriving ecosystem that nurtures discovery and drives the industry forward.”