Pneumatic tube transport

Efficient, innovative solutions for sorting, storing, and delivering samples

Pneumatic technology – A breath of fresh air for sample transport

Harnessing the power of pneumatic technology, our innovative sample transport solutions deliver quickly and reliably between labs, analytical suites and even across sites hundreds of meters apart. 

Flexible transport and integration ecosystem
Flexible transport and integration ecosystem

Interconnect modules using pneumatic technology to create a scalable, flexible sample management ecosystem.

Secure transport
Secure transport

The proven pneumatic technology provides safe and secure deterministic transport with point to point delivery to assure reliability.

Sustainable, cost effective implementation
Sustainable, cost effective implementation

Pneumatically-powered sample storage ecosystems are cost-effective to run with low energy consumption. By scaling capacity as required, upfront investment can be minimized.

Optimize workflows and increase productivity
Optimize workflows and increase productivity

Seamlessly link different locations using reliable pneumatic technology with direct benchtop access for highly optimized workflows.

User-friendly and intuitive
User-friendly and intuitive

With a single interface for all analytical instrumentation, our solutions are easy to use by design and simplify complex workflows.

Proven technologies
Proven technologies

Our engineering team has over two decades of expertise solving logistical and scientific challenges with pneumatic technology.

Products powered by pneumatic technology

Sample management solutions powered by pneumatic tube transport.


lab2lab is a building-wide microtube transport and instrument control system.

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arktic provides a flexible, affordable and secure  -20°C or -80°C automated sample store to meet research demand for increasing volumes of biological samples. 

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arktic® XC

arktic XC is an innovative automated biobanking solution bringing together a network of compact arktic storage units into a single high integrity, affordable and scalable biostorage system.

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comPOUND delivers rapid, scalable and secure modular automated storage for 2D barcoded tubes to enhance productivity in screening. 

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comPACT provides flexible and secure -20°C storage in a smaller package, meaning that more labs can benefit from the productivity gains offered by automated sample management.

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comPACT -20 sample management