SPT Labtech and Olink Announce New Automated Solution to Accelerate Research with Olink Next Generation Proteomics Technology


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SPT Labtech and Olink Announce New Automated Solution to Accelerate Research with Olink Next Generation Proteomics Technology

Cambridge, UK, 25 June 2024 SPT Labtech, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, and Olink Holding AB (publ)(“Olink”)(Nasdaq: OLK), a provider of proteomics solutions at ­unrivaled throughput, today announce the introduction of an additional automation option for the Olink® Explore HT protocol for high-throughput proteomics with SPT Labtech’s firefly® liquid handling platform.

The combination of the Olink Explore platform with SPT Labtech automated liquid handling enables swift and precise execution of large-scale proteomics studies, spanning all crucial biological pathways. The technologies allow researchers to reliably generate high-throughput multiplexed protein biomarker analysis to make data-driven, confident decisions quickly. The ability to miniaturize reactions without compromising accuracy, in combination with low dead volumes, uncovers new scientific insights consuming as little as 2 µL sample.

The Stratified Medicine Core Laboratory (SMCL) NGS Hub at the University of Cambridge will be the first to develop Olink Explore protocols on firefly.

Ana Toribio, SMCL NGS Hub Manager at the University of Cambridge comments, “We’re looking forward to implementing automated Olink Explore HT workflows on firefly to ensure we deliver high-throughput, high-quality services that best support research efforts. The addition of firefly will support us in providing comprehensive and expert NGS services through our partnerships with leading academic, clinical and commercial organizations.”

This latest development builds on a longstanding collaboration between SPT Labtech and Olink and a commitment to promoting widespread and cost-effective adoption of proteomics technologies and elevating research outcomes.

The addition of firefly as an option for automation of the Olink Explore HT protocol offers researchers with further capabilities and flexibility: the firefly platform provides a combination of pipetting, non-contact dispensing, shaking and temperature-controlled incubation capabilities in a compact benchtop footprint. Its versatility is further bolstered by intuitive software operation and cloud-enabled collaboration, to set a new benchmark in laboratory efficiency and accessibility to automation.

“The automation of Olink Explore HT on firefly is a new step toward broadening access to high-throughput and streamlined proteomics workflows. This new automated solution illustrates our combined commitment to driving meaningful research outcomes through scientific collaboration and innovative technologies,” says Joby Jenkins, Chief Technology Officer at SPT Labtech.

SPT Labtech’s renowned ‘dynamic duo’ - comprising the mosquito® LV genomics nanoliter pipettor and the dragonfly® discovery liquid-class agnostic reagent dispenser – has already been established as a proven partner for the Olink® Explore platform. More than 90 peer-reviewed papers utilizing a combination of the Olink Explore HT workflow and SPT Labtech’s automated liquid handling solutions have been published by research laboratories around the world, including service providers who have benefited from their high throughput capabilities.

Olink Explore HT is a high-multiplex, high-throughput protein biomarker platform built upon the innovative Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. With a readout methodology based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), it enables the rapid measurement of proteins at scale. The platform overcomes many longstanding challenges of proteomic research by delivering specificity, sensitivity, and precision, combined with the scalability and throughput required to support large-scale discovery studies.